Patrick Hickey

Patrick Hickey. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Candidate Patrick Hickey doesn’t think City Council has accomplished enough.

That’s why he’s running for the vacant seat on council, he said.

“I’ll get it done,” he said.

Mr. Hickey is running in Tuesday’s primary for a two-year seat made vacant by the January resignation of Jesse C.P. Roshia. He’s among three candidates of which two will move on to the general election in November. Council members recently appointed Leonard G. Spaziani until the winner can take office on Jan. 1.

This is the third time he’s run for council. He also ran in 2019 and 2015.

Mr. Hickey said that his experience as an active member of the community makes him the candidate who should be elected. He’s a member of the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals. He spearheaded the reorganization of the city’s Neighborhood Watch group and serves as its administrator. He also serves on the Alliance for Better Communities board.

For years, he’s attended City Council meetings, watching the council take on the same issues year after year, Mr. Hickey said. The city and the firefighters’ union still have a rocky relationship over mainly staffing issues in the contract, he said.

He thinks that the fire department should go to a 24-hour shift, which would save on overtime costs.

He criticized the city for not getting more than the Thompson Park pool opened this summer. The city needs to prepare for the end of the hydroelectric contract with National Grid that brings in millions of dollars in revenues until it ends in 2029, he said.

The city lost out on an opportunity for a solar project in the former city landfill, he said.

“Nothing gets done,” he said about council’s inaction on issues.

He thinks residents are taxed too much, so the city should look at ways to increase revenues and help with development.


Patrick Hickey

Age: 65

Education: Immaculate Heart Central, 1972; and A.A.S. degree from Jefferson Community College in math and science

Profession: Retired corrections officer

Family: One son

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