Hit the keys to write your ‘Great Story’ with library workshop

Elaine M. Avallone/ Johnson NewspapersHope Marston and Gerald Borland will present a writer’s workshop at the Sally Hunter Ploof Memorial Library in Black River.

BLACK RIVER — The Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library will sponsor a summer writing workshop.

Local writers Hope I. Marston and Gerald D. “Jerry” Borland will present workshop “How to Write a Great Story,” based on the Essential Writing Course from the editors of Guideposts.

Mrs. Marston is the author of the award-winning “My Little Book” of animals series. In addition she has penned books for older youth — “Eye on the Iditarod, Aisling’s Quest,” which was illustrated by Carthage Central High School art instructor Bob Renaud and “Sackets Harbor Powder Monkey — The War of 1812” which tells of a chapter of local history.

In the past, Mrs. Marston has organized writer’s conferences, taught classes and given school presentations.

Mr. Borland annually writes a poem documenting the monthly happenings in the Carthage area, which has been published in the Carthage Republican Tribune.

It was through their writing that the couple met and are now collaborating on a few literary projects.

After taking the Gudepost webinar, the couple decided to share their learned knowledge with others.

“I miss doing writing workshops,” said Mrs. Marston.

The writing duo will share ideas on the following topics:

n What is your story about?

n What is the point of your story? — the “take home” value for your reader

n Who is your intended reader?

The classes will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays July 9 through Aug. 27 at the library located at 101 Public Works Drive. The cost is $20, non refundable.

For more information call 315-773-5163.

The gist of it

n WHAT: Writing class

n WHEN: 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays, July 9 through Aug. 27

n WHERE: Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library, 101 Public Works Drive, Black River

n COST: $20, non refundable

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