Jarvis secures second term as mayor of Alex Bay

ALEXANDRIA BAY — Steven E. Jarvis won a second term as mayor of Alexandria Bay after defeating his opponent, Deputy Mayor Geoffrey A. Hillick, in the general election race Tuesday.

Mr. Jarvis, the incumbent and Democratic candidate, received 180 votes, while Mr. Hillick, the Republican candidate, received 82 votes, according to unofficial election results.

“I feel fantastic,” said Mr. Jarvis, who learned the results at the town of Alexandria office. “I thank the residents for their confidence in me as their mayor.”

Both candidates had emphasized two key platforms during the race: bolstering village infrastructure and fiscal management.

They both also wanted to preserve, if not improve, transparency with residents and continue working with the local chamber as it hosts activities and events that attract visitors to the area.

Mr. Jarvis, who was first elected as mayor in November of 2017, previously said he wanted to continue the progress the village Board of Trustees has made toward maintaining and improving infrastructure.

He also would like to execute other projects, such as replacing the deteriorated water tower on Rockwell Street, upgrading the water and wastewater treatment plants and fixing patches of certain streets.

“We still have a lot of work in the village that we have to complete,” Mr. Jarvis said.

Mr. Hillick, if elected mayor, had not only wanted to improve the roads, water and sewer systems, but also enhance, or better maintain, the docks, golf course and parks. He also wanted to incorporate a satellite office for village police in the former Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce building, 28 Market St., when the local Rotary Club eventually refurbishes it, adds new restrooms and an information center.

Mr. Hillick could not be reached for comment.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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