The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Dec. 14:

Town of Orleans: 54 acres, 23056/23336 Buttermilk Flat Road, Elizabeth J. Robbins, LaFargeville, sold to Eric C. Davis, LaFargeville $1

City of Watertown: 0.26 acres, 625 Sherman St., Bernard M. Treanor and Annette Treanor, Wantagh, sold to Brownstone Lodge LLC, Chaumont $100,000

Town of Brownville: 0.32 acres, 22999 County Route 59, Kenneth G. Hodosy Jr. and Hyokyong C. Hodosy, Ballston Spa, sold to Aaron Caporuscio, Mountain Top, Pa. $239,900

Town of Pamelia: 1.15 acres, 24499 State Route 37, Timothy W. Sheridan and Debra A. Sheridan, Watertown, sold to Brian E. Stoutenger and Melinda G. Stoutenger, Oswego $310,000

Village of Carthage: 0.11 acres, 706 Fulton St., Mellissa Spence, Carthage, sold to Robert David Killmer, Felts Mills $74,700

Town of Orleans: 1.52 acres, Middle Road, Richard A. Bartlett and Maureen L. Bartlett, LaFargeville, sold to Dale J. LaJuett and Kathryn A. LaJuett, LaFargeville $6,500

City of Watertown: 0.21 acres, 703 Academy St., Christopher V. Cain and Mary C. Cain, Watertown, sold to Michael Lebron Aldea, Fort Drum $125,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 0.62 acres, 29713 Fuller Bay Drive, Marty Hubbard and Karen Bailey-Hubbard, Rochester, sold to Joseph Lacey Jr. and Kathleen Lacey, Oswego $700,000

Town of Champion: 1.1 acres, 36058 State Route 26, Cynthia Steinhelfer, Marysville, Ohio, sold to Kimberly Munn and Dale Munn, Carthage $140,000

Town of Brownville: 0.96 acres, 23430 Turkey Hollow Drive, Mihail Galeriu and Franciska Hinterreiter, Dexter, sold to Sheri L. Maung, Watertown $274,900

Town of Brownville: 0.56 acres, 20935 County Route 59, David J. Malone and Suzanne E. Malone, Saint Petersburg, Fla., sold to Mario F. Victoria and Michele A. Victoria, Watertown $565,000

Village of Dexter: 0.38 acres, 205 E. Bradley St., Corinne B. Tucker, Greeley, Colo., sold to Nathan Matthew Young and Emily Young, Dexter $115,000

Town of Lyme: 6.99 acres, 25628 Guffin Bay Estates Drive, Thomas H. Hicks and Dawn A. Hicks, Chaumont, sold to Michael Policki, Bristol, Conn. $236,380

Town of Rutland: 0.8 acres, 31093 Chelsea Road, Joshua J. Lynch, Black River, sold to James T. Fernandez, Camarillo, Calif. $227,900

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.26 acres, 301 W. Washington St., Joshua D. Cross, Sackets Harbor, sold to William James and Amanda James, Yorktown, Va. $202,000

Town of Wilna: 14.5 acres, County Route 42, Daniel V. Boshart, Carthage, Brian W. Boshart, Waxahachie, Texas, Timothy R. Boshart, Plattsburgh, Shawn M. Boshart, Oswego, and Kevin J. Boshart, Croghan, sold to Stephen J. Garrett, Watertown $10,000

Town of Orleans: 0.6 acres, 18432 Otter Point Road, Reed Fuller, Fayetteville, sold to Hardik Patel and Joey Patel, Edison, N.J. $385,000

Town of Clayton: 24.64 acres, State Route 12E, Herald Longton, Channahan, Ill. and Jerome Longton, Lemont, Ill., sold to Thousand Islands Ventures LLC, Clayton $94,000

Town of Watertown: 0.58 acres, 24695 Crane Lane, Wayne R. Woodruff and Deborah B. Woodruff, Watertown, sold to Thomas M. Yott and Laura M. Yott, Watertown $210,000

City of Watertown: 0.3 acres, 727 Ball Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to Ken Bodah Contracting Inc., Watertown $151,100

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Dec. 15:

Town of Wilna: 3.4 acres, 40089 Rogers Crossing Road, Daniel V. Boshart, Carthage, Brian W. Boshart, Waxahachie, Texas, Timothy R. Boshart, Plattsburgh, Shawn M. Boshart, Oswego, and Kevin J. Boshart, Croghan, sold to Stephen J. Garrett, Watertown $227,500

Town of Henderson: 0.45 acres, 8528 ODonnells Road, Kevin Warner, Jean L. Warner and Dustin Warner, National Park, N.J., sold to David G. Lau, Safety Harbor, Fla. $84,999

Town of Alexandria: 0.18 acres, 46662 Malara Way, Tyrus Olvert and Mary Jane Olvert, Wellesley Island, sold to Robert T. Cherry and Patricia J. Cherry, Syracuse $420,000

Village of Philadelphia: Two parcels: 1) 0.46 acres, 47 Main St., 2) 0.46 acres, 43 Main St., Richard Harris, Sierra Vista, Ariz. and Petra Harris, Philadelphia, sold to Harrison A. Stough, Calcium $199,000

City of Watertown: 0.22 acres, 128 N. Pleasant St., Tommy Fenton, Watertown, sold to Kathryn M. Schaber, Watertown and Claude Mayne and Erin Mayne, Adams $100,000

Town of Lyme: 2 acres, 26930 Fire Road 7, Nicole Deschesne, Ottawa, Ontario, sold to Robert Thomas and Raeann Thomas, Adams $75,000

City of Watertown: 0.06 acre, 1009 Hungerford St., Gay H. Williams, Sterling, as executor of the Lee Horan estate, sold to Carmela Damore, Watertown $40,000

City of Watertown: 0.09 acre, 517 Davidson St., Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Katherine Henry-Wilkinson, Watertown, sold to Patrick J. Henry, Michele A. Henry and Alicia A. Henry, Watertown $90,000

Town of Orleans: 0.2 acres, 19338 Peel Dock Road, Robert W. Prier and Lorenda Prier, Juno Beach, Fla., sold to James T. Cavellier Jr. and Stacy L. Cavellier, Watertown $241,000

Village of Theresa: 0.32 acres, 104 Park Ave., Marcia M. Pawling, Theresa, sold to Timothy D. Spicer, Clayton $157,500

Town of Theresa: 2.9 acres, 42353 Warneck Road, Kyle Felder, Plessis, sold to Scott K. Brown and Miracle L. Yon-Brown, Theresa $290,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Dec. 16:

Town of Cape Vincent: 1.7 acres, State Route 12E, Robert L. Docteur, Cape Vincent, sold to Shailesh S. Patel, Cape Vincent $172,500

Town of Orleans: 8.87 acres, 34755 State Route 180, Robert William Jeffries, LaFargeville, sold to Janice K. Rusch, Newton, Iowa $0

Town of Alexandria: 1.04 acres, 45158 County Route 100, Addison F. Vars III, Wellesley Island and Nancy Dalmus, Alexandria Bay, as executors of the John S. Swenholt estate, sold to Stephen R. James and Tara L. James, Clayton $175,000

Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.46 acres, 19 and 23 St. Lawrence Ave., Stephen Bain, Alexandria Bay and Dolores Bain, Alexandria Bay, sold to Colleen Jo Kearney and Maxine L. Gould, Wellesley Island $83,500

Town of Ellisburg: Two parcels totaling 0.37 acres, 6995 Shore Drive, Gayle M. Checksfield, Liverpool, Karen A. Gonzalez, Liverpool, Franklin H. Gonzalez II, Sioux Falls, S.D., all individually and as trustees of the Franklin H. and Carmella Gonzalez Trust, Michelle J. Russell, Liverpool, and Melissa M. Deshaies, Chittenango, sold to Ronald J. Gonzalez, Naples, Fla. $390,000

City of Watertown: 0.23 acres, 134 Bishop St., Todd J. Yurack, Watertown, sold to Michael Woodard, Ovid, Colo. $214,300

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.23 acres, 218 S. Broad St., James L. Liptrott, Sackets Harbor, sold to Reban Holdings LLC, Watertown $120,000

Town of Champion: 0.72 acres, 36851 State Route 26, Hermon A. Scott and Christina Scott, Carthage, sold to Justin T. Roberts, Copenhagen $27,000

Town of Theresa: 0.09 acre, 32177 Webster Tract Road, Samuel Brown, Syracuse, sold to Michael Cruppi, Rochester $1,500

Town of Watertown: 5.23 acres, 17272 U.S. Route 11, Christopher M. Bradley, Watertown, sold to Michael Rosner, Fort Drum $375,500

Town of Brownville: 5.18 acres, 24117 County Route 54, Barrett W. Gilfillan and Jodi L. Gilfillan, Dexter, sold to Carson Ogilvie and Emily Battersby, Ashby, Mass. $380,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Dec. 17:

Town of Rutland: 1.54 acres, 31886 State Route 3, Timothy J. Wax, Carthage, sold to Brady Thomas Wicks, Moscow, Idaho $165,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: Two parcels: 1) 0.37 acres, 110 W. Main St., 2) 0.03 acre, 116 W. Main St., Hanzlian Real Estate LLC, Sackets Harbor, sold to WCB Properties LLC, Watertown $610,000

Village of Carthage: 0.08 acre, 636 W. End Ave., Tracey Steinberg, Carthage, sold to Harold Newkirk, Gardner, Mass. $55,000

Town of Lyme: 1.11 acres, 4787 Hidden Harbor Road, Wayne C. Myers and Rose A. Myers, Mexico, individually and as trustees of the Myers Family Revocable Trust, sold to Curtis H. Fischer and Michelle M. Fischer, New Haven $200,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 0.85 acres, 2261 Bates Road, Nicola Elia and Elaine S. Elia, Cape Vincent, sold to Sahir Sarwar, Hicksville $185,000

Town of Lyme: 0.75 acres, 24945 Warner Road S., Katherine Benedetto, Watertown, sold to Dominic H. Schilt and Marlene R. Schilt, Lincolnwood, Ill. $1

Village of Theresa: 0.41 acres, 112 Church St., Carmelita J. Cremonini, Pocasset, Mass., sold to Robert Bolton, APO AE $89,500

City of Watertown: 0.51 acres, 934 Holcomb St., Debra E. Bubb, Watertown, sold to Nevil Neale, Havre De Grace, Md. $156,500

Town of Brownville: 0.26 acres, 20471 Road 1195, Joseph M. Ferraro, Clarence Center, sold to George W. Harrienger Jr., East Greenbush $159,500

Town of Clayton: 0.5 acres, 37679 County Route 4, Michelle L. Seymour, as administrator of the Harold Andrew Seymour estate, Casco, Wis., sold to Nathan Gerald Hall, Cape Vincent $139,500

Village of Brownville: 0.43 acres, 107 Gould St., Michael Crestani and Jennifer Crestani, Brownville, sold to Emily Crestani, Brownville $197,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Dec. 18:

Village of Alexandria: 0.27 acres, 14 Avery Ave., Sarah Kolz, as trustee of the Hawley Family Trust, Elizabeth, Colo., sold to Travis S. Martin, Alexandria Bay and Teagan A. Ward, Redwood $102,000

Town of Hounsfield: 1.34 acres, State Route 3, Annuta Nekoz, Watertown, sold to Brandon Tibbles and Rebecca Sue Abrams, Watertown $169,500

Village of Black River: 0.52 acres, 117 Wendell Lane, Caroline Anne Hilliker and Jeremy D. Hilliker, New Bern, N.C., sold to Dylan A. Vice and Chelsea L. Vice, Evans Mills $224,500

Town of LeRay: 0.49 acres, 27298 State Route 342, Barbara J. Davis, Calcium, sold to Rosemary Riley, Calcium $49,000

Town of Rutland: 0.2 acres, 24376 Boot Jack Hill Road, Chad E. Permenter and Joanne M. Permenter, Aurora, Colo., sold to Jennifer J. Bladek, Calcium $114,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels: 1) 0.17 acres, 808 Cooper St., 2) 0.18 acres, 804 Cooper St., Keith B. Caughlin, Watertown, as referee for Christopher G. Reynolds and Harmony J. Reynolds, sold to Keith A. Goutremout, Chaumont $41,415

Town of Champion: 2.3 acres, 25107 Woolworth St., Orlando Jackson and Crystal Jackson, Carthage, sold to Ronald Javier and Moana Javier, Derwood, Md. $190,000

Village of West Carthage: 0.17 acres, 33 Madison St., William R. Leeder Jr., Carthage, sold to Orfell C. Patton and Gary E. Patton II, Fort Drum $137,000

Town of Alexandria: 0.55 acres, 48937 Shannon Road, Jan W. Wagner, Fayetteville, as trustee of the Gail K. Wagner Irrevocable Trust, sold to Don R. Siracusa Jr. and Patricia B. Siracusa, Penfield $244,000

Village of West Carthage: 0.16 acres, 49 N. Main St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to James Turbyfill and Brittany Turbyfill, Fort Drum $132,000

Village of Carthage: Three parcels: 1) 0.28 acres, 611 State St., 2) 0.11 acres, 609 State St., 3) 0.07 acre, 607 State St., Brian Carr and Heather Carr, Las Vegas, Nev., sold to Legacy Home Stays LLC, Watertown $170,000

Town of Wilna: 1.04 acres, 25267 Loop Road, Justin R. Hall and April M. Hall, Carthage, sold to Rhones Renovations LLC, Watertown $24,000

Village of Carthage: 0.19 acres, 612 Adelaide St., Joseph F. Brady, Carthage, sold to Nathaniel Dobbs, Castorland $45,000

Town of Clayton: 0.69 acres, May Irwin Road, Carole J. Williams, Whitesboro, sold to Kathryn Strodel, Geneva $16,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 25, 2020:

Village of Canton: Parcel, beginning on State Street from corner of Bradley lot, Lee Anne Blevins, Canton, sold to Matthew R. Higham, Canton $115,500

Town of Pierrepont: 78.41 acres, westerly of Sturtevant Road in lots 39 and 40, beginning at intersection with Tucker Road, Margaret J. Walrich, trustee of Walrich Family Trust, Colton, sold to Kyle A. Murray, Colton; and Corey R. Murray, Colton $150,000

Town of Morristown: Parcel, 2560 County Route 6, Jeffrey D. Leimberger, Graham, N.C., owning one-third interest, sold to Mary Jo. McMannis, Rochester $15,000

Town of Morristown: Parcel, 2560 County Route 6, Jean M. Mullen, Portsmouth, N.H., owning one-third interest, sold to Mary Jo. McMannis, Rochester $15,000

Town of Brasher: 0.39 acres, beginning on County Route 53 at intersection of dividing line between lots 76 and 77, Jessica T. Twyman and Jamie Willett, Malone, sold to Leighann M. Francis, Chiefland, Fla. $60,000

Village of Hammond: Parcel, beginning on easterly line of Route 37 (South Main Street) at intersection with lands now or forrmerly of United States Postal Service, C-Bam LLC, Charlotte, N.C., sold to Pine20 Hammond LLC, Daytona Beach, Fla. $1,384,000

Town of Pitcairn: 4.28 acres, bevinning on northerly line of Atkinson Road at intersectino of division line between lands now or formerly of Liza Atkinson on the west and now or formerly of Richard atkinson, Lance Atkinson and Sherry Hearnes on the east, Primax Properties LLC, Charlotte, N.C., sold to Pine20 Harrisville LLC, Daytona Beach, Fla. $1,466,500

Town of Stockholm: Parcel 1: 11,313 square feet, beginning on westerly line of Route 11C from intersection of lands now or formerly of Keybank National Association on the north; and Parcel 2: 2.41 acres, beginning on westerly line of Route 11C from intersection of lands now or formerly of Keybank National Association on the north, Jane Properties LLC, Charlotte, N.C., sold to Pine20 Winthrop LLC, Daytona Beach, Fla. $1,589,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 1.8 acres, beginning on easterly line of Route 812 at intersection of lands now or formerly of Harond and Maureen Downing, Columbus Midtown Properties II LLC, Charlotte, N.C., sold to Pine20 Heuvelton LLC, Daytona Beach, Fla. $1,462,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 28, 2020:

Town of Parishville: 36.8 acres, beginning in south boundary of lands now or formerly of St. Lawrence County at south boundary of Route 73, Samantha Sheldon, Brasher Falls, sold to Bryant R. Wickwire, Potsdam $25,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel, part of lot 39, beginning on south bounds of Route 37C at westerly line of parcel conveyed to Roderick J. Mahoney and Nancy L. Mahoney, Steven P. Tighe, Omaha, Neb., sold to Michael J. LaPage Jr. and Kallie A.E. Tyo, Brushton $74,500

Town of Pierrepont: 18 acres, west of Glenmeal Road, north of Bonno Road, in Great Lots 55 and 56, Scott F. Bonno and Donna J. Bonno, Parishville, sold to John M. Cougler and Ashley B. Cougler, Canton $156,500

Town of Hermon: 141.48 acres, beginning at southeasterly corner of parcel now or formerly of Steven L. Edney and Tammy L. Edney, in westerly boundary of parcel now or formerly of Archie M. Whitton Jr. and Linda L. Whitton, Gene W. Duncan and Linda L. Duncan, Lowville, sold to Kenneth R. Fleuriet and Kari L. Fleuriet, Shady Side, Md. $99,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 35.95 acres, westerly subdivision of lot 28, between Black Lake and St. Lawrence River, Stephen M. Barkley, Ogdensburg, sold to Scott J. Galligan and Michelle C. Galligan, Cuddebackville $30,000

Town of Edwards: 0.33 acres, beginning at a point on LeFevre Road at westerly corner of parcel to southerly shore of Cedar Lake, Norman W. Jones Jr. and Christy L. Jones, Carthage, sold to Anais Salibian and Peter T. Teall, Pittsford $72,500

Town of DePeyster: 72.5 acres, beginning at Route 184 at northwest corner of lands now or formerly of Mason D. Steele and Adelaide Steele, Jacob J. Swartzentruber and Mattie J. Swartzentruber, Heuvelton, sold to KDC Acres LLC, Heuvelton $114,000

Village of Hermon: 0.25 acres, beginning on Pleasant Street from intersection with Catherine Street, Penny R. Ayen Snow, Hermon, sold to Keith R. Darrah, Gouverneur; and Krissa O’Donnell, Gouverneur $221,000

Town of Fowler: 20 acres, beginning at southwest corner of James Holden lot, Jane E. Scott, Fernandina, Fla., sold to Douglas P. Roberts, Gouverneur $7,000

Town of Louisville: 69.5 acres, parts of lots 11 and 12 of half mile 3 on part of mile square 12, Glenda J. Zobel, individually and as surviving spouse of Harry T. Zobel, Massena, sold to David A. Zysik and Debralee A. Zysik, Massena $110,000

Village of Waddington: Parcel, 50-foot right of way known as Howard Lane, Christopher A. Derouchia and Julie M. Derouchia, Waddington; and Theodore L. bernard and Angelia M. Bernard, Waddington, sold to Russell B. Strait and Margaret F. Strait, Norfolk $5,000

Village of Waddington: Parcel, in westerly line of LaGrasse street at intersection of northerly line of J. Edgar McKee lot, Michael Badlam and Rebecca Badlam, Waddington, sold to Taylor E. Putney, Waddington $65,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 29, 2020:

Town of Potsdam: Parcel, beginning at northeast corner of lot 38 of Racket Shore Camp Lots, Robert J. Steele and Ilene C. Steele, Norwood, sold to Heather Jones and Amol B. Patil, Norwood $145,000

Town of Lawrence: 6.5 acres, beginning on Peru Street from southeast corner of lands of grantor and Jeremy Ballard’s northeasst corner, James J. Gurrola and Karen Gurrola, North Lawrence, sold to Jebidiah Euto and Keisha Euto, North Lawrence $45,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, beginning on southerly line of Pine Street westerly from Adams Avenue, Andrew A. Raven, Williamsburg, Va., sold to Todd L. Palmer and Melissa R. Palmer, Ogdensburg $64,000

Town of Norfolk: 12.06 acres, beginning on highway at northeast corner of Felton lot to northeast corner of George Matthes’ lot, Henry Michael Wilson, Norwood, sold to Tony J. Almasy, Winthrop $5,000

Town of Clifton: 0.282 acres, beginning at monument 2 in crescent east of Wilsey Avenue, running north, Diana Forkey, Horseheads, sold to Wendy Jo Thompson, Tupper Lake $42,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 36.27 acres, 16 Chardonnway (private) and Route 37, Michele A. Munn Celestino, Syosset; and Robyn E. Munn Gengras, Hartford, Conn., sold to Edward E. Boyer and Barbara A. Boyer; and Richard F. Schond and Martha L. Schond, Penneville $360,000

Town of Louisville: 1.611 acres, north of County Route 36, in lot 7, mile square 31, beginning at southeast corner of parcel under contract to Kendrick P. Neveau, Tracey D. Martin, Stuart, Va., administrator of the estate of George M. Doman Sr., sold to Seth Cooke, Hudson Falls $20,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lots 44, 45 and 46 on Map 2 of Village Lots, Bobbie Jo LaPradd, Massena, sold to Gaetan Yelle, Fort Covington $15,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, 14 Bayley Road, Jeffrey C. and Carol R. Whelan, Massena, sold to Stephen A. Church, Massena $44,000

Town of Parishville: 5 acres, part of lot 15, township 13, Great Tract 2 of Macomb’s Purchase, beginning on St. Lawrence Turnpike from southeast corner of what was formerly known as the Jonathan Stark lot, Mary Ellen Volzer, Cape Vincent, sold to Timothy L. Jerome and Tamara J. Jerome, Potsdam $24,000

Town of Massena: Parcel 1: 10.37 acres, lots 11 and 12 of “River View Estates”; and Parcel 2: 15.45 acres, lots 13 and 14 of “River View Estates,” Dirk Eggink and Christine Eggink, Franklinville, N.J., sold to North Side Energy Center LLC, Juno Beach, Fla. $20,000

Town of Hopkinton: 20.6 acres, beginning in west branch of St. Regis River at southwest corner of lands now or fomerly of Dean Cady and Edna M. Cady, Gerald J. Sauve, North Bangor; and Deborah E. Sauve, North Bangor, sold to Louis E. Maine and Sandra R. Maine, Potsdam $10,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, part of lot 17, block 4, beginning from southwest corner of Madison and Pearl Streets, Donald O’Shea, Ogdensburg, sold to Gregory Denny and Jessica Denny, Ogdensburg $26,000

Town of Morristown: Parcel, 12 Dockside Drive (317 Riverview Street, Unit 12, M&T Bank, Getzville, sold to Lon Ziankoski and Elisabeth Ziankoski, Pennellville $153,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 0.41 acres, part of westerly half of St. Lawrence River lot 9, beginning on northerly bounds of abandoned railroad right of way from west line of former westerly line of Adelbert Hayes Farm, Solange Wiest, Ogdensburg, individually and as trustee of Solange T. Wiest Recovable Trust, sold to Edward Dillingham and Regina Dillingham, Ogdensburg $141,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Sept. 30, 2020:

Village of Potsdam: Parcel, beginning in southwest boundary of Pierrepont Avenue at northerly corner of lands now or formerly of James Ferriter and Linda Ferriter, Frederick D. Schatz, Nashville, Tenn., sold to Apollo Management LLC, East Syracuse $150,000

Town of Lawrence: 7.89 acres, beginning at intersection of southerly bounds of lot 35 with Merchant Street, Francis LaPage, Dickinson Center, sold to Jeffrey E. Young and Lisa Young, Massena $9,000

Town of Canton: 3.5 acres, in mile square 6, ranges 7 and 8, beginning on Miner Street Road at easterly corner of lands of Brayton E. Foote and Mildred M. Foote, Allison L. Rowland and Dennis Morreale II, Canton, sold to Brayton E. Foote and Mildred M. Foote, Canton $3,000

Village of Gouverneur: 4,200 square feet, beginning in southerly margin of Rowley Street at northeast corner of lot 32 of Asa L. Hazelton map and survey of “Old Fair Grounds,” Jared J. Montroy, Brushton, sold to Jayda Jones, Gouverneur $46,500

Village of Canton: 0.23 acres, beginning in northwesterly corner of lands now or formerly owned by Melvin D. and Mary J. Barnes from Gouverneur Street (Route 11), Krista A. Luther, Canton, sold to Wilson G. Matos Ramos, Canton $56,000

Town of Lisbon: Parcel 1: 12.69 acres, in mile square 2 in first and second range, beginning on Van Rensselaer Road at intersection with Dawley Road; and Parcel 2: 2.7 acres, beginnin on County Route 37-A at southeast corner of land of Clington W. Green Jr., C. Bruce Green, Lisbon, sold to Kathleen J. Hyde, Lisbon $22,000

Town of Lisbon: 0.78 acres, beginning at intersection of south bounds of railroad right of way with west bounds of Arnold Road, US Bank Trust N.A., trustee for LSF10 Master Participation Trust, Irving, Texas, sold to Gerald Robert Martin, Ogdensburg $10,500

Town of Parishville: 2.838 acres, beginning at intersection of Covey Road with Allen Falls Road, Randy Martin and Kimberly Martin, Potsdam, sold to Dean F. Wilson and Cheryl A. Wilson, Potsdam $50,000

Town of Potsdam: 4.47 acres, in mile square 74, beginning in east boundary of Sweeney Road at intersection with south boundary of lands now or formerly of Thadius A. Weaver and Grace A. Weaver, Bradford D. Catling and Julie W. Catling, Potsdam, sold to Michael Towns and Dianna Towns, Potsdam $211,000

Town of DeKalb: Parcel, portion lot known and distingusished on a map of old Township of DeKalb made by Potter Goff and Silas Spencer A.D. 1814 on file by number 432, Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch, trustees of Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch Revocable Trust, Omaha, Neb., sold to Brennan L. Ordway and Amy L. Ordway, Gouverneur $255,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Oct. 1, 2020:

Village of Potsdam: 0.38 acres, beginning in easterly bounds of Martet Street from southerly bounds of Pleasant Street, L&C Realty, Roger B. Linden and Francis P. Cappello, sole partners, Potsdam, sold to Francis P. Cappello, Potsdam $215,000

Town of Edwards: 0.86 acres, beginning on Campbell Road from southwest corner of lands of Harold Gotham Jr., William and Sheila Bullock, Edwards, sold to Joshua W. Swinyer, Star Lake $22,500

Village of Canton: Parcel, beginning in north line of Main Street, opposite center of partition wall between brick store and Milton D. Packard lot, L&C Realty, Roger B. Linden and Francis P. Capello, sole partners, Potsdam, sold to Roger B. Linden, Norwood $215,000

Town of Stockholm: 1.38 acres, beginning in northeasterly bounds of Brookdale Road from intersection of lots 23 and 33, Alan Williams and Bonnie Williams, Pittsfield, N.H., sold to Jerel Swamp and Deanna Swamp, Hogansburg $135,000

Town of Lisbon: 20.17 acres, southerly of Cold Springs Road, part of mile square lot 2 in range 4 and 5, Knollwood Farm LLC, Lisbon, sold to Thomas J. Rausch, Lisbon; and Scott Kenter, Deerfield, N.H. $15,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 4 in Block F, map 3 of Westwood, Gisele M. Reynolds, Massena, sold to Andrew C. Schickedanz and Ann M. Maestri-Schickendanz, Albany $118,000

Town of Lisbon: 13.18 acres, beginning at intersection of Tracy Road and Route 68, Charles N. Hitchman and Teresa K. Hitchman, Rensselaer Falls, sold to Jeffrey T. Hill and Melissa A. Hill, Rensselaer Falls $130,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, beginning at southeast corner of block 362 at intersection of Hasbrouck Street and northerly line of Jersey Avenue, Stephen G. Friot and Brenda J. Friot, Ogdensburg, sold to William J. Kelly, Ogdensburg $32,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel, beginning at highway from Helena to Brasher Center at intersection of lots 23 and 24, Charles W. Schloer Jr., South Colton, sold to Devon Oakes, Ontario, Canada $12,500

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