The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 12:

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.79 acres, 203 Ray St. Brenda Scordo, Sackets Harbor, sold to Jonathan H. Maher, Lake Luzerne $117,000

City of Watertown: 0.28 acres, 115 Park Drive E., Jason W. Schultz and Rebecca S. Schultz, Watertown, sold to Timothy R. Lowman and Brietta K. Lowman, Fort Drum $308,000

Town of LeRay: 1.48 acres, 28054 County Route 32, Scott L. Wood and Brittany D. Wood, Evans Mills, sold to Ronald Feasler, Fayetteville, N.C. $300,000

Town of Philadelphia: 2 acres, Elm Ridge Road, Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch, as trustees of the Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch Revocable Trust, Omaha, Neb., sold to Steve Priestley and Jessica Priestley, Philadelphia $2,000

City of Watertown: 0.3 acres, 305 Clinton St., Malynda S. Johnson, Copenhagen, sold to Jacob S. Ballard, Benson, Ariz. $317,000

Town of Ellisburg: 4.36 acres, Balch Place, Joseph L. Bauer and Kim Miller, Mannsville, sold to Jennifer L. Miick, Mannsville $350,000

Town of Orleans: Two parcels: 1) 1.28 acres, 43195 County Route 100, 2) 0.32 acres, 43183 County Route 100, Michelle D. Jones, Fineview, sold to Alex D. Tuch, Las Vegas, Nev. $160,000

Town of Lyme: 0.12 acres, Lot 7, Barnes Bay Road, Michael D. Demasi and Anne P. Demasi, Rockville, Md., sold to Eric S. Sharlow, Chaumont $0

Town of Cape Vincent: 3.25 acres, 910 Schmeer Road, Kenneth J. White, Dexter, sold to 910 Schmeer Road LLC, Clayton $220,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 1.91 acres, 4211 Branche Road, Donna Bourcy, Cape Vincent, individually and as executor of the Wesley Bourcy estate, sold to Tracy L. Aubertine, Clayton $0

Town of Antwerp: 59.3 acres, 36111 County Route 22, Aubrey J. Seager and Mabel L. Seager, North Rose, sold to Frank E. Interlichia and Tracy L. Interlichia, Wolcott $1

Town of Antwerp: 59.3 acres, 36111 County Route 22, Aubrey J. Seager and Mabel L. Seager, North Rose, sold to James E. Jordan, Sodus, and William W. Jordan, Williamson $1

Village of Carthage: 0.2 acres, 308 N. James St., Raymond R. Stephenson, LaFargeville, sold to Kainen M. Slaton, Carthage $172,500

City of Watertown: 0.23 acres, 712 Sherman St., Garrett D. Ruud, Fargo, N.D., sold to Miguel A. Velasco, Fort Campbell, Ky. $241,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 13:

Town of Alexandria: No acreage, Unit 5, 46544 Stone Gate Ext., Eva Krugly-Smolska, Kingston, Ontario and Richard K. Champney, Alexandria Bay, as co-executors of the Zygmunt Marek Wasowicz estate, sold to David Masercola and Karen Masercola, Oakland, N.J. $62,000

Town of Ellisburg: 0.52 acres, 13046 County Route 85, Russell Brown and Wendy Brown, Cape Vincent, sold to Ryan A. Deiker, Phenix City, Ala. $191,500

Town of Lyme: 92.94 acres, 9447/9455 State Route 12E, William Woofter, Chaumont, sold to Paul Dyer and Tishina Dyer, Cape Vincent $1

Town of Lyme: 0.05 acre, Three Mile Point Road, Alan D. Jones, Brownville, sold to Kyle T. Cheeseman and Tara M. Cheeseman, Chaumont $1

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.28 acres, 104 E. Washington St., Justin F. Brotherton, Watertown, sold to Michael E. Kirch and Lesley Kirch, Fort Drum $315,000

Town of Theresa: 1.45 acres, Grass Lake, Craig Klock, LaFargeville, sold to Robert Piazza and Ann Piazza, Hilton $0

Town of Cape Vincent: 2.61 acres, 2185 State Route 12E, SDI Cape Vincent LLC, Park City, Utah, sold to Mackintosh & Mackintosh Inc., Cypress, Calif. $1,635,710

Town of Theresa: 1.52 acres, Grass Lake, Robert Piazza and Ann Piazza, Hilton, sold to Craig Klock and Lori Klock, LaFargeville $0

Town of Wilna: 0.28 acres, 25298 County Route 37, Rickey E. Martin III, Sackets Harbor, sold to Jared Gilson, Deferiet $40,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 14:

Town of Theresa: 0.7 acres, Lot B, Wilson Road, Thomas A. Wilson and Tina M. Wilson, Theresa, sold to Timothy E. Aiken and Susan G. McParland, Theresa $7,500

Village of Alexandria Bay: 31.35 square feet, Fee Parcel A, portion of 16 Sisson St., New York State Office of General Services, Albany, sold to Abay Development LLC, West Chester, Pa. $660

Village of Alexandria Bay: 23.26 square feet, Fee Parcel C, portion of 16 Sisson St., New York State Office of General Services, Albany, sold to Richard Vastagh, Akron, Ohio. $490

Village of Alexandria Bay: 76.81 square feet, Fee Parcel B, portion of 16 Sisson St., New York State Office of General Services, Albany, sold to M. Claude Perree and Sarah Turbide, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.. $1,618

Town of Adams: 1.09 acres, 19403 State Route 177, Donald D. Dwyer and Cheryl A Dwyer, Adams Center, sold to Kim M. Berghorn, Sackets Harbor $148,645

City of Watertown: 0.37 acres, 128 Keyes Ave., Daniel S. DeBlasio, Long Beach, sold to Robert Louis Avallone, Las Vegas, Nev. $195,000

City of Watertown: 0.19 acres, 251 Stone St., Ronald K. Kocsi and Geraldine L. Kocsi, Oakdale, sold to JQ Woods LLC, Gig Harbor, Wash. $182,800

Town of Alexandria: 4.17 acres, 25911 State Route 26, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., sold to Christen L. Bullard and Matthew J. Arnold, Plessis $60,000

Town of Hounsfield: 1.3 acres, 12505 Chestnut Ridge Road, Margaret H. Cleveland, Sackets Harbor, sold to Ingrid C. Gori, Bennington, Vt. $120,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 15:

Town of Theresa: Two parcels: 1) 9.29 acres, County Route 21, 2) 13.62 acres, County Route 21, Zachary J. Eason, Oswego, sold to Tyler Lashomb and Jessica Lashomb, LaFargeville $18,000

Village of Carthage: 0.22 acres, 865 State St., Daniel L. McConeghy Jr. and Doris Itzel-McConeghy, Enterprise, Ala., sold to Cody Ray Kimmel and Jessica Lynn Kimmel, Haven, Pa. $162,750

Village of Ellisburg: 1.3 acres, 11692 State Route 193, Grace M. Plamondon, Adams Center, sold to Kevin Perez Cordova, Henderson $44,000

Village of Clayton: 0.18 acres, 618 Union St., Anthony R. Guthmuller and Ann Maria Guthmuller, Clayton, sold to Scott P. Skinner, Clayton $140,000

Town of Pamelia: 1 acre, 23441 State Route 12, David P. Platler, Cicero, as administrator of the Verena M. Platler estate, sold to Victoria Ososkalo, Sackets Harbor $138,000

Town of Henderson: Two parcels totaling 0.7 acres, 11249 Rays Bay Road, William D. Marks and JoJean H. Marks, as trustees of The Marks Trust, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., sold to William G. Conroy and Christine S. Conroy, as trustees of the William G. Conroy Revocable Trust and the Christine S. Conroy Revocable Trust, Naperville, Ill. $255,000

Town of Clayton: 1 acres, 38281 County Route 4, Sheila Badour, Clayton, sold to Steven D. Badour and Carol A. Badour, Clayton $157,500

Village of Cape Vincent: 0.1 acre, 335 E. Joseph St., Melissa K. Rookman, Cape Vincent, sold to Robert J. Walters, New Rochelle $65,000

City of Watertown: 0.24 acres, 613 Alexandria Ave., Iftikhar Hussain and Sultana R. Hussain, Watertown; Khuram I. Hussain, Rochester; and Sadaf I. Hussain, Mechanicsburg, Pa., sold to Chandler Kevin Yager Burgenstock, Haily Anne Tyo and Lisa Anne Tyo, Watertown $170,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 16:

Town of Pamelia: 5.56 acres, 23493 Graham Road, Tenaha L. Sparacino, Watertown, as referee for AYDM Associates LLC, Development Authority of the North Country, Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency and Jefferson County Local Development Corporation, sold to Commercial Properties Inc., Watertown $1,932,202

Village of Carthage: 0.26 acres, 821 State St., Dennis M. O’Neill and Tina M. O’Neill, as trustees of the O’Neill Family Trust, Carthage, sold to Anthony J. Villandre and Hope A. Villandre, Fort Drum $175,200

Village of Chaumont: 0.19 acres, 28031 Old Town Springs Road, Steven J. Rickett, Chaumont, sold to Shawn E. Zeller and Jennifer M. Zeller, Chaumont $125,000

City of Watertown: 0.03 acre, 330 Moulton St., Lucinda Branch, Watertown, sold to Monica A. Morgado, Watertown $6,000

Town of Champion: 1 acre, 21575 Cole Road, Jeffrey A. Thompson, Carthage and Trisha R. Thompson, The Villages, Fla., sold to Mark Taysom, Gilbert, Ariz. $290,000

Village of West Carthage: 0.19 acres, 17 N. Main St., Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., sold to Gregory Buckley and Cynthia Buckley, Chandler, Ariz. $45,400

Village of Carthage: 0.13 acres, 839 Edwards St., Michala L. Stanton, Carthage, sold to Manuel Reyes, Watertown $77,250

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.17 acres, 228-230 Dodge Ave., Donald W. Sutcliffe and Susan R. Sutcliffe, Hernando Beach, Fla., sold to Kelly A. Capomaggi and William L. Gregorio, Sackets Harbor $145,000

City of Watertown: 0.27 acres, 154 Bellew Ave., Robert H. LeFevre and Pamela J. LeFevre, Dexter, sold to Johnathon R. Ray, Dexter $80,000

Village of Clayton: 1.3 acres, 161 Bartlett Point Road, Nyda Jones-Church, Ranch Santa Fe, Calif., sold to 161 Bartlett Point Road LLC, Syracuse $1,100,000

City of Watertown: 0.11 acres, 122 Stuart St., Susan Kay Palmer, Calcium, sold to Brooke Wood, Watertown $49,000

Town of Rutland: 0.8 acres, 31060 Chelsea Road, Joshua B. Perretta and Tina M. Perretta, Black River, sold to Chad R. Corey and Yesenia Corey, APO AE $242,000

Town of Hounsfield: 2 acres, State Route 12F, Lewis O. Babel and Cynthia L. Babel, Dexter, sold to Deanna Hojnowski and James Hojnowski, Eaton $107,000

Village of Brownville: 0.59 acres, 115 Brown Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Greenville, S.C., sold to Adam Charles Beshures, Adams $48,500

Town of Cape Vincent: 0.2 acres, 2246 Humphrey Lane, Francis A. Letizia Jr., Dexter, sold to Joseph Cardarelli and Tracy Cardarelli, Cape Vincent $180,000

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Feb. 16:

Town of Lowville: 4849 Sharp Road, JP Zehr Irrevocable Trust, sold to Mark Rodney Dicob $190,000

Village of Constableville: 3260 N. Main St., Leslie F. Ottman estate, sold to Andrew A. Cummings $0

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Feb. 17:

Town of Denmark: 10468 East Road, Enos S. Yoder, sold to Samuel R. Horst $130,000

Town of Diana: Jerden Falls Road, Timothy S. Rogers, sold to Bernard J. Kiernan $140,000

Town of Leyden: Thayer Hill Road, Duane Croniser, sold to Daniel K. Norman $34,900

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Feb. 18:

Town of Croghan: 10579 State Route 126, Stephanie J. Vaughn, sold to James LaValley $2,000

Town of Diana: 8440 Powerline Drive, Joanne Bruce, sold to Mark A. Pomerville $30,000

Town of Lewis: 1901 Stinebrickner Road, Brett Richards, sold to Robert F. Cole Jr. $100,000

Town of Leyden: 5317 Ziegler Road, Rob Dougherty, sold to Kirk Lauri $53,000

Town of Leyden: 5317 Ziegler Road, Limestone Ridge LLC, sold to Rob Dougherty $18,900

Village of Lowville: 7627 Park Ave., Jonathan R. Gellert, sold to CAD Group LLC $150,000

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Feb. 19:

Town of Greig: 6153 Partridgeville Road, Paul & Cheryl Ley Trust, sold to Barry Cleveland $600,000

Town of Lowville: 7361 State Route 12, Cherie M. Brigham, sold to Stephen P. Collins $30,000

Town of New Bremen: Beech Hill Road, Fern M. Lyndaker, sold to Bethany L. Schindler $0

Town of New Bremen: 7141 Beech Hill Road, Fern Lyndaker, sold to Leann L. Dunckel $0

Town of Watson: Petrie Road, Fern M. Lyndaker, sold to Leann L. Dunckel $0

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Jan. 8, 2021:

Town of Oswegatchie:0.58 acres, part of lot 7, section 7 of Van Solingen Tract, beginning at westerly corner of lands of Betty L. Yung Estate from westerly bounds of Delaney Road, Micahel P. O’Grady, Ogdensburg, sold to Storm M. McDonald and Alicia M. Sharpe, Ogdensburg $109,500

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, in mile square 59, part of lot 1 of Riverside Heights Subdivision, begining in westerly line or end of Riverside Heights Drive south from southwesterly corner of lot 2, Mark Huff, executor of the estate of Teresa S. Watts, Norfolk, sold to Lynn Tharrett, Massena $125,000

Town of Pierrepont: 2 acres, westerly of Howardville Road from southeasterly corner of lands now or formerly of Crowell NY Holdingst Trust, Dylan Aldous and Miranda M. Hazelton, Canton, sold to Parker Lee Aldous, Canton $113,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Jan. 11, 2021:

Town of Lisbon: 0.82 acres, beginning on River Road (Route 37) from southeasterly line of Homer S. Rolfe farm, Clinton M. Middlemiss, Ogdensburg, sold to Jeffrey H. Buckingham and Rebecca S. Buckingham, Lisbon $57,000

Town of Hopkinton: 52.5 acres, part of former William Dewey farm, beginning on North West Bay Road to Hiram Lindsay lot, Ronald R. Faucher, by Katherine A. McGowan, power of attorney agent, sold to Sean M. Faucher, Massena; and David J. Peets, Massena $34,000

Town of Oswegatchie: Parcel, beginning on Ogdensburg-Morristown highway from intersection of westerly line of west half of St. Lawrence River Lot 9, Slange Wiest, Ogdensburg, individually and as trustee of Solange T. Wiest Revocable Trust, sold to Nancy C. Benz, Ogdensburg $15,000

Town of Fine: 0.67 acres, beginning on Youngs Road at northeast corner of lands once conveyed to William J. Allen and Hazel M. Allen, Donna M. Lawrence, Gouverneur, sold to Thomas E. Millett and Martha M. Millett, Alexandria Bay $50,000

Village of Potsdam: 0.19 acres, 9 State Street, Sheryl Lichtenstein, Goshen, sold to Charlie F. Messer and Susan L. Messer, Liverpool $118,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 22, block 13 on part of Farm Lots 11 and 12 in section 1 of Van solingen Tract, Jordan A. Fifield and Chelsea A. LaFlair, Ogdensburg, sold to Daniel P. Craven, Ogdensburg $69,000

Towns of Hopkinton and Stockholm: Parcel 1: 10 acres, beginning on Barrett Road from southwest corner of 80 parcel lot conveyed to Peter J. and Joan M. Bianco, Town of Hopkinton; Parcel 2: 98.09 acres, beginning in southerly line of Stockholm at southeast corner of mile square lot 92, Town of Stockholm; Parcel 3: 8.9 acres, beginning on travelled way of the north and south highway leading from Fort Jackson to Wintrhop (County Route 49) at intersection with southeasterly corner of lands now or formerly of Miriam Streeter, Town of Hopkinton; and Parcel 4: 1.63 acres, beginning on Barrett Road, westerly of intersection of County Route 49, Town of Hopkinton, John D. LaFrance, Highgate Center, Vt., sold to Robert J. Goodman and Susan M. Goodman, Schoharie $153,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 21, block 332 on Prospect Heights, Phase 1, Tracey L. Supernault, Massena, sold to Dwayne H. Followell and Cecilia A. Followell, Odessa $138,000

Town of Pitcairn: 7.28 acres, beginning at intersection of County Route 26 with east line of land convyed to Richard A. Atkinson and Sherry J. Hearnes, Daniel Lee Bancroft and Cynthia Bancroft, Harrisville, sold to Doran G. Fraser, Harrisville $80,000

Town of Massena: Several parcels, westerly 20 foot strip of lot designated as lot 6 on Hatfield Tract; easterly 40 foot strip designated as lot 8 in block 6 of Hatfield Tract; lot 5 in block 6 of Hatfield Tract; and lots 7, 9 and 11 in block 6 of Hatfield Tract, Mark E. Labrake, Sarasota, Fla., sold to Ross M. Dixson, Massena $84,000

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, 12 East View Heights, KeyBank, NA, S/B/M to First Niagara Bank NA, Cleveland, Ohio, sold to Martin Leon Tremblay, Potsdam $39,500

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Jan. 12, 2021:

Town of Lisbon: 18.77 acres, parcel 7 in mile square 2 of ninth Range, beginning at southwesterly corner in line between Towns of Canton and Lisbon, running along westerly line, L.T. Smith & Sons Farms LLC, Canton, sold to Michael L. Burwell and Renee Burwell, Lisbon $24,000

Town of Pierrepont: 14.6 acres, beginning in east boundary of lands appropriated by New York State for highway purposes, southerly of intersection with Route 56, Larry K. Allen and Janet E. Allen, Colton, sold to Cynthia H. Lafountain, Sterling, Va. $277,500

Tow nof DePeyster: Parcel, beginning on northerly shore of Mud Lake at southeast corner of lands of grantors, paul B. and Mark E. Grimshaw, Diane Marie Moore, Palm Harbor, Fla., sold to Michael R. Pray, DePeyster $43,000

Town of Fine: 31 acres, beginning on road line at northeast corner of Kerr Lot, going westerly to bend of Black Creek to Harold Stone line, Kelly Bush, South Colton; Kale C. Hitchman, South Colton; and Tyler Hitchman, New York City, heirs-at-law and next of kin of Donald Hitchman, sold to Charles Fox and Debra Holloway, Penfield $25,500

Town of Massena: 0.68 acres, beginning on Carey Road at southeasterly corner of parcel now or formerly of David J. Yelle and Cheryl J. Yelle, David J. Yelle and Cheryl J. Yelle, Norfolk, sold to David W. Herron Jr., Auburn $117,000

Town of Waddington: 0.3 acres, beginning on Black top road, east edge on Cora Keck property, Jamie L. Albert, Lisbon, sold to Robert J. Woods Jr. and Krista S. Woods, Ogdensburg $146,500

Town of Massena: 2.784 acres, beginning in northerly boundary of North Grasse River Road at southeast corner of Brian S. Lavack lot, Robyn L. McGregor, Massena, sold to Brian S. Lavack and Krista M. Lavack, Massena $25,000

Town of Rossie: 2.13 acres, beginning in western most corner of lands now or formerly of William T. Elliot and northern most corner of lands conveyed, Dale L. Raymo and Melissa J. Raymo, Antwerp, sold to Michael Myers, Chaumont $254,000

Town of Fine: Parcel 1: Northwest corner from USGS benchmark 1495 in J.O. Hamele’s yard; Parcel 2: Beginning in northwesterly corner of Morrow lot in Village of Wanakena; and Parcel 3: bounded on north by south boundary of Highway, east by west boundaries of dance hall lot, Karl Crossman and John Steinburg, Syracuse, sold to Bernard Carr and Valerie Carr, Syracuse $390,000

Town of Edwards: Several parcels, 23 Bancroft Road, Route 58, Jeffery D. Shippee, Edwards, sold to Craig Weidner and Rebecca Hall, Edwards $349,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 10 in block 90, bounded on north by Jersey Avenue and on east by Patterson Street, Charles M. Shaver, Ogdensburg, sold to Madison E. Brossoit and Randy A. Brossoit, Ogdensburg $71,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Jan. 13, 2021:

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, beginning on road leading to Raymondville from intersection with south bounds of Furnace farm, Richard M. Salz and Patricia M. Underwood, Cowpens, S.C., sold to Evan David White, Norwood $195,000

Town of Stockholm: 50 acres, beginning on highway at northerly corner of Alanson Fisher Farm, Larry E. Garvey, Winthrop, sold to Eli N. Petersheim and Ella D. Petersheim, Liberty, Ky. $85,000

Town of Fine: 178.82 acres, in west half of township 12, Great Tract 3 of Macomb’s Purchase, beginnign at northeast corner of lot 7 running west, Milan R. Kucerak and Deborah A. Kucerak, Jefferson, Iowa, sold to David J. Daut and Elizabeth A. Daut, Wanakena $107,000

Town of Louisville: 65.3 acres, beginning on road leading from Howard Settlement to Redingtons Mills at northwesterly corner of Old Murdie Lot, Elizaberth A. Kirnie and William Kirnie, Norfolk, sold to Emily E. Doelger and Thor J. Merrill, Waddington $196,000

Town of Massena: Parcel 1: 0.19 acres, beginning in south boundary of Center Street, east of intersection with North Main Street; and Parcel 2: 0.09 acres, beginning in south boundary of Center Street, east of intersection with North Main Street, Terry E. Premo and Lisa M. Premo, Norfolk, sold to Christopher Wiley and Tina M. Wiley, Massena $120,000

Town of Lisbon: 16.48 acres, beginning at southeasterly corner of McDonald lot from intersection of northwest boundary of Keys Road, Patrick J. Farrand and Jill S. Farrand, Lisbon, sold to Patrick J. Parrand, Lisbon $46,500

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Jan. 14, 2021:

Town of Morristown: 0.26 acres, beginning at southeasterly corner of lands now or formerly of Sandra R. Hebert and Michael D. Beckner, along lands formerly conveyed to Elizabeth G. Catlin, Paul Theodore, Towaco, N.J., sold to Phillip Theodore, Spring Hill, Tenn. $100,000

Town of Parishville: Parcel, beginning in southerly shore of St. Regis River at northeast corner of parcel formerly conveyed to Larry Page, Madeline E. Pennington, Parishville, sold to 69 Page Drive LLC, Palm Harbor, Fla. $88,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel, beginning at West Cotter Road Extension on projection to south of west line of land of Derouchie, Michael R. Derouchie and Virginia M. Derouchie, Brasher Falls, sold to Kim Sayer, Baker, Fla. $32,500

Town of Massena: 11.364 acres, beginning in northerly bounds of Trippany Road at southeasterly corner of parcel now or formerly of Steven R. Rainville, Carolyn Converse, Massena; Robert Murray, Horseheads; Catherine Scott, Massena; and Anne Bergeron, Massena $25,000

Town of Macomb: 0.68 acres, beginning in northwesterly bounds of Black Lake Road, southwesterly of intersection with east line of lands of Morris and Joyce Lee, Carrie G. Pine, Stittville, sold to Terry P. Huey7, Rome; and Thomas Donahue and Colleen Donahue, Holland Patent $38,000

Village of Potsdam: Parcel, beginning on Potsdam-Winthrop State Road from southerly corner of Walter Cook farm, Irene M. Sinclair, Potsdam, sold to Tyler D. Fiacco and Miranda L. Barbur, Canton $126,000

Town of Fowler: 0.25 acres, beginning at south margin of Golf Club Road, Hailesboro to Jones Road, at NYCRR right-of-way fence west margin, Nicholas J. Fuller, Gouverneur, sold to Gina R. Orr, Gouverneur $126,000

Town of Gouverneur: 5 acres, beginning on Pooler Road at northwesterly corner of 186.29 acre parcel conveyed to Lawrence Newcombe and Marion Newcombe, Theodore R. Travis Sr., Gouverneur, sold to Sherri L. Mandigo, Gouverneur $5,000

Town of Macomb: Parcel, beginning on highway from Brasie Corners to Rossie at easterly corner of parcel formerly occupied by Jonas Farr; beginning on highway leading from Brasie Corners to Rossie at southeasterly corner of premises conveyed to Richard W. Tulley; and 0.15 acres, beginning in northeast line of lands conveyed to Jeffrey and Debra Drake and southwest line of lands conveyed to Francis D. Tyler, William L. Tulley, Gouverneur, sold to Jeffrey A. Walsh and Tricia M. Walsh, Hammond $35,000

Town of Piercefield: Parcel, beginning on Main Street at northerly corner of so called H. Sochia lot, 14 Main St., Thomas P. Callaghan and Margaret A. Callaghan, Tupper Lake, sold to Bryan Lucey and Meagan Lucey, Piercefield $12,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 1.02 acres, northerly of Route 37, in St. Lawrence River lot 5, Joanne M. Stopfel, Ogdensburg, sold to Samantha Lynn Hess and Thomas Phillip Hess Jr., Ogdensburg $118,500

Town of Potsdam: 50 square rods of land, lot 118 of Baldwin Lots, northerly side of Park Street, Robert J. Claffey, Norfolk, sold to Benjamin G. Osypiewski, Massena $110,000

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