The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Jan. 25:

Town of Rutland: 0.59 acres, 30822 State Route 3, Cody E. Jiron, Felts Mills, sold to Allan O. Josiah and Cindy R. Josiah, Clayton $260,000

Town of Antwerp: 241.76 acres, 35869 County Route 22, Greg Nelson and April Nelson, Theresa, sold to Travis B. Belmore, Theresa $360,000

Town of Clayton: 4.09 acres, State Route 12E, Judith L. Marino, Webster, sold to Victor J. Tifone, as trustee of The Victor J. Tifone Lifetime Trust, Honeoye Falls $210,000

City of Watertown: 0.11 acres, 734 Mill St., Mary E. Myers, Dexter, sold to Rafael P. Saucedo, Watertown $92,000

Town of Lyme: 13.4 acres, Ashland Road, Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch, as trustees of The Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch Revocable Trust, Omaha, Neb., sold to Jonathan Koffs and Melissa Koffs, Chaumont $28,000

Town of Antwerp: 0.5 acres, 38261 Star Factory Road, Diane Fredericks, Pavo, Ga., individually and as executor of the Donald D. Alton estate, sold to Justin Talbert, Philadelphia $1,500

Town of Lyme: 5.7 acres, 27617 Three Mile Point Road, F. Ross Campbell, Arlington, Va., as executor of the Dorinne W. Campbell estate, sold to Michael A. Hammer Jr. and Kelly S. Crawford, Newfoundland, N.J. $389,900

Town of Brownville: 1.2 acres, Road 472, Dorothy E. Claydon, Shirley, Mass., sold to Nathan L. Tracy and Joan B. Tracy, Harrisburg, Pa. $1

Town of Watertown: 0.3 acres, 24335 State Route 12, Erick B. Heise, Watertown, sold to Austen J. LaBarge, Watertown $148,600

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Jan. 26:

Town of Theresa: 1.97 acres, 27531 Wilson Road, Rockbridge Holdings LLC, Charlotte, N.C., sold to MDC Coast 17 LLC, San Diego, Calif. $1,436,211

Town of Theresa: 3.36 acres, Butterfield Lake, Andrew C. Meyn and Luann Elizabeth, Redwood, sold to Donald E. Storey III and Corin E. Storey, Clay $175,000

Town of Antwerp: 26.63 acres, Off County Route 22, Marilyn Neulieb, Clayton, sold to Bruce A. Beattie, and Donald T. Alvarez and Glenda G. Alvarez, as trustees of the Alvarez Living Trust, Rome $13,315

Town of Rodman: Two parcels: 1) 5.63 acres, West of County Route 68, 2) 27.36 acres, 14651 County Route 68, Leo J. Gosselin Jr., Rodman, sold to Derek D. Thompson, Watertown $347,250

City of Watertown: 0.39 acres, 417 Newman Drive, William G. McKinney and Michele M. McKinney, Watertown, sold to Daniel G. LeRoy and Angelina Mendes-LeRoy, Theresa $290,000

Town of Theresa: 2.88 acres, 29855 Sears Road, Robert Neil Moyer and Rebecca S. Moyer, Grand Rapids, Mich., sold to Dwight E. Austin and Laurie J. Austin, Adams $95,000

Town of Rutland: 1.02 acres, South of State Route 3, Tower One Aviation LLC, Lowville, sold to Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch, as trustees of The Dennis & Kathleen Esch Revocable Trust, Omaha, Neb. $11,500

Town of Adams: 2.2 acres, 12755 U.S. Route 11, Judith Hobbs, Raleigh, N.C., sold to Carol A. Worden, Adams Center $125,000

Town of Worth: 17.54 acres, 23572 Overton Road, Dustin Robinson, Adams Center, sold to Ronnie P. Pearson and Kathy E. Pearson, Lorraine $16,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 25.42 acres, 31755 Burnt Rock Road, Sean B. Godfrey and Clarissa A. Godfrey, Cape Vincent, sold to Scott J. Haver, Cape Vincent $143,500

Village of Clayton: 0.13 acres, 613 Theresa St., Mathew Hardy and Melissa Ringer-Hardy, Clayton, sold to Anthony Ingerson, Clayton $124,000

City of Watertown: 0.42 acres, 436 Barben Ave., Timothy J. Monroe and Diane L. Cotter, Gouverneur, sold to Zachary J. Chatterton, Watertown $152,000

Town of Alexandria: 0.74 acres, 25928 State Route 26, Brian Kampnich, Watertown, sold to Zackary M. Rhone and Elizabeth N. Rhone, Altoona, Pa. $147,000

Town of Ellisburg: 9.99 acres, County Route 87, Mark W. Lakie, Syracuse, sold to Dan J. Bartiss, Syracuse $19,000

City of Watertown: Claudia E. Draper, Watertown and Shawn M. Baker, Watertown, as trustees of The Baker Family Trust, sold to Brad A. Ames, Watertown $225,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Jan. 27:

Town of Wilna: Two parcels totaling 6.71 acres, 20892 Strickland Road, Samuel Rosner and Melinda Rosner, Carthage, sold to Joshua C. Morgan and Jenna Morgan, Killeen, Texas $402,000

Village of Cape Vincent: 0.05 acre, 294/296 E. Broadway, Swedish Meatball Pizza Company LLC, Cape Vincent, sold to Twist of Cape LLC, Cape Vincent $117,000

Village of Clayton: 0.12 acres, 714 State St., Eric Ingerson and Morgan Ingerson, Clayton, sold to Alex M. Hazard, Clayton $139,000

Town of Watertown: 3.24 acres, 17170 Sandy Creek Valley Road, Shawn D. Smith and Luann Smith, Watertown, sold to Jesse Charles Powell Roshia and Tara Lyn Buckingham Roshia, Watertown $279,900

Town of Rutland: 0.22 acres, 24382 Main St., Anthony Moreno, Killeen, Texas, sold to David W. Norton and Patricia A. Norton, Carthage $45,000

City of Watertown: 0.24 acres, 629 Holcomb St., Joan F. Olsen, Watertown, sold to Alexander C. Haraczka, Berwick, Maine $249,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 0.45 acres, 35143 County Route 4, Steven J. Oesch Jr., Clayton, sold to Christopher W. Todd and Samantha A. Schramp, Adams Center $165,000

Village of Theresa: 0.5 acres, 303-305 Main St., Brent Levely, LaFargeville, sold to Tanya Calderon, Fort Drum $148,000

Town of Pamelia: 1.18 acres, 23786 White Road, James G. Radley and Diane J. Radley, Cape Vincent, sold to Shane A. Leween and Marianna M. Leween, Glen Park $284,000

Town of Henderson: 35.58 acres, 13113 Sand Road, Gerald R. Adair and Mary C. Adair, Adams, sold to Rebekah M. Bush and Kyle M. Bush, Watertown $319,500

Town of LeRay: Two parcels totaling 85.55 acres, 26777/26809 Beckwith Road, Valerie Farr, Grand Island, Fla., sold to Jeremy Favret and Christian Favret, Evans Mills $235,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Jan. 28:

Town of Ellisburg: 10.5 acres, Littlefield Place, Luis Russo, Bunker Hill, W. Va., sold to Kerry M. Diliberto, Liverpool $500

Town of Watertown: 0.29 acres, 23885 State Route 12, Laurie L. Woodhams, Bristow, Va., as executor of the Eva J. Marino estate, sold to Michelle Mathieu, Chaumont $110,000

City of Watertown: 0.14 acres, 130 Haley St., Craig Dawson, Afton, sold to Gloria A. Pratt, Watertown $95,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: 61.6 acres, Adams Road, Dennis C. Marcello and Patricia L. Marcello, Bramwell, W. Va., sold to Jesse J. Beach and Serena E. Beach, Dexter $98,234

Town of Adams: 25.49 acres, East of Lyons Corners Road, Paul G. Nohle, Adams Center, sold to Terry F. Simpson and Jenifer A. Simpson, Adams Center $5,000

Town of Wilna: 0.38 acres, Boyd Road and Alexandria Street Road, Robert E. Rucker and Diane E. Rucker, Carthage, sold to Martin L. Yaddow and Joanne T. Yaddow, Carthage $1,000

Town of Ellisburg: 0.46 acres, 8183 Littlefield Place, Albert R. Bergman and Michelle A. Bergman, Liverpool, sold to Lynn A. Gibson, Cazenovia $290,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.11 acres, 110-112 Dodge Ave., Matthew T. Bartelson, Sackets Harbor, sold to Travis Boudreau and Meaghan Boudreau, Orlando, Fla. $160,000

Town of Alexandria: 0.16 acres, 41735 Clear Lake Road, U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Chicago, Ill., sold to Beatrice J. Robinson, Rush $21,001

Town of LeRay: 0.44 acres, 26137 State Route 3, Christopher M. Leigh and Sherri A. Leigh, Watertown, sold to Tyler Mouser, Barstow, Calif. $164,697

Town of Alexandria: Two parcels totaling 1.18 acres, 47928 Ridge Ave., Paul Fisher, Scottsville, sold to Anthony L. Brown, Boulder, Colo. $0

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Jan. 29:

Town of Watertown: 2.19 acres, 16830 County Route 155, David F. Lindstaedt, Watertown, sold to Roy A. Drassal and Diana M. Cotton, Sequim, Wash. $372,500

City of Watertown: 0.15 acres, 332 McClelland St., Michael F. Geng, Watertown, Joseph C. Geng, Dexter and Irma E. Geng, Watertown, sold to Olalekan C. Egbeniyi, Evans Mills $119,450

Town of Cape Vincent: Unknown acreage, Culvert E019, Branche Road, Jefferson County, sold to Town of Cape Vincent $1

Town of Ellisburg: 0.68 acres, 973 S. Parsons Road, Robert J. Ebert and Katherine Colley Ebert, Bluffton, S.C., sold to David Scott McNeil, Thomas Patrick Donahue and Cody R. Fisher, Marietta $180,000

Town of LeRay: Four parcels: 1) 12.7 acres, North of Lashaw Road, 2) 100.6 acres, 30831 County Route 30, 3) 6.33 acres, 30631-669 Gardnerville Road, 4) 8.22 acres, 30559 Gardnerville Road, Raymond Garnsey, Hammond, sold to Titus Glick, Carthage $160,000

Town of Lyme: 3.2 acres, 29819 County Route 179, Douglas Patterson Jr., Chaumont, sold to Barbara L. Wann, Sunnyvale, Texas $123,500

Town of Antwerp: 34.6 acres, Worden Road, Horace W. Bowden III, Vin Grove, Ky., sold to Sharon Culbertson, Antwerp $3,800

Village of Brownville: 0.62 acres, 328 Brown Blvd., Raymond Hugh Barrick and Petra Barrick, Gadsden, S.C., sold to Kafilat A. Ifegwu, Fort Drum $223,500

Town of Philadelphia: 10.41 acres, 34313 Holkins Road, Tyler J. Vulgamore, Douglas, Wyo., sold to Kyle Ritz, Watertown $165,000

Town of Hounsfield: 17.41 acres, 12957 State Route 3, Allen J. Bradberry, Sandy Creek, Susan L. Chawgo, Sackets Harbor, Sarah J. Rogers, Watertown and Karen D. Strife, Watertown, sold to Kevin M. Bradberry, Sackets Harbor $106,000

Town of Alexandria: 0.32 acres, 43643 State Route 37, Joy Seppala Florence, London, England, as executor of the Elizabeth J. DeLano estate, sold to Cheryl Hill and Yoko L. Illingworth, Chaumont $40,000

Town of Orleans: 0.83 acres, 19554 Black Creek Road, Dawn Moyer, Watertown, sold to Julie Hunt, LaFargeville $0

Town of LeRay: 1.44 acres, 24432 Gracey Road, Kyle Sanders, Calcium, sold to Zackery Thomas Makres, APO, AE $152,000

Village of Antwerp: 1 acre, 34-40 Van Buren St., Harley Ann Cook, Antwerp, sold to Scott M. Siegfried and Brenda M. Siegfried, Watertown $25,000

Town of Henderson: 3.6 acres, Harborview Drive, Amy G. Price, Marietta, Ga. and Cheryl Glamm, San Antonio, Texas, sold to Six Town Heights LLC, Henderson Harbor $39,900

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Nov. 25:

Town of Lyonsdale: 7894 Moose River Road, Lewis County, sold to Jeffrey Eastman $40,000

Town of Osceola: North Osceola Road, Gregory Frank, sold to Kevin Gates $80,000

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Nov. 30:

Town of Greig: Pine Grove Road, Thomas Clinton Taubert, sold to Scott Fountain $70,000

Town of Montague: Sears Pond Road, Stacy Spears, sold to Lance Baxter $39,000

Town of West Turin: Page Road, Timothy L. Moore, sold to Peter J. Peculis Jr. $100

Town of West Turin: Swackhammer Road, Michele A. Traynor, sold to Patrick A. Marino $319,000

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Dec. 1:

Town of Denmark: 10716 State Route 26, Phillip G. Sweeney, sold to Ronny A. Jarrett $210,000

Town of Diana: 14218 Mullin St., Brandon J. Henke, sold to Colleen Moynihan $105,000

Town of Diana: 5615 Old State Road, Stephen J. Kimmick, sold to Todd Mushtare $58,000

Town of Greig: 6670 Otter Creek Road, James D. Remington, sold to Scott Cihocki $50,000

Village of Lowville: 7753 Dewitt St., Jeffrey C. Lamb, sold to MidFirst Bank $40,000

Town of New Bremen: Deveines Road, Wayne H. Roggie, sold to Joel L. Widrick $300,000

Town of Turin: 4642 Whiskey Lane Road, Deanne Speidel, sold to Deanne Speidel $35,000

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Dec. 2:

Town of Croghan: Second Road, Andy P. Noftsier, sold to Han Van Der Veeken $30,000

Village of Copenhagen: 3001 Cataract St., Ellen Rose Boliver Lago, sold to Samantha Lynn Potter $0

Town of Denmark: County Route 194, Rhonda J. Petrus, sold to Andrew J. Creighton II $1

Town of Watson: 8799 Number Four Road, Donald A. Morin, sold to Alan D. Thurston $135,900

The following property sales were recorded in Lewis County clerk’s office Dec. 4: 6

Town of Croghan: Staie Road, Lewis County, sold to Michael Joseph Mathys $11,000

Town of Diana: 14236 S. Creek Road, Lewis County, sold to Terry Irish $35,000

Town of Diana: 14232 S. Creek Road, Lewis County, sold to Justin Besaw $4,500

Town of Diana: 6864 State Route 3, Lewis County, sold to Justin Besaw $17,000

Village of Lyons Falls: Laura Street, Lewis County, sold to Justin Besaw $100

Town of Osceola: 2372 Deerheart Road, Joseph Sterling, sold to John Harris $15,000

St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Oct. 30, 2020:

Town of DeKalb: 0.37 acres, beginning on road leading from Richville State to Kents Corners at southeast corner of lot conveyed to Herndon N. Williams, Adam T. Stowell, Richville, sold to Ethan K. Daniels, Hammond $85,000

Town of Parishville: 0.25 acres, beginning on Catherine Street marking the lorthwest corner of land of Reilly, Genevieve Votra, Potsdam, sold to Adrian Pilliod, Potsdam $62,000

Town of Potsdam: Parcel, part of pasture lot 6 and Crichton lot, beginning in south bounds of Washington Street west from west bounds of Market Street, Lisa M. Bradley, Potsdam, sold to Brad W. Hill and Kaitelyn E. M. Hill, Canton $92,000

Town of Gouverneur: 1.64 acres, beginning on Route 58 at northeast corner of Gillett lot, Rodney E. Dashnaw and Glenna F. Dashnaw, Gouverneur, sold to Jacob A. Dusharm, Gouverneur $21,000

Town of Massena: 0.488 acres, beginning on highway leading from Massena Village to the Springs and known as Harrogate Street with nortwest corner of village lot 94, Hiram F. Greene and Mary E. Greene Recovable Living Trust, Massena, sold to Tuyet Huynh and Minh Ly, Massena $40,000

Village of Massena: 0.226 acres, southest of Prospect Avenue at most northerly corner of lands now or formerly of H. John Witkop and Mariann Robinson Witkop, The Salvation Army, West Nyack, sold to Mark W. Englert and Candy Rose Englert, Massena $49,500

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 12 in block 4 of Subdivision of the Eleven Acre Lot of the Stearns Farm on East Orvis Street, Thomas J. Spinner, Massena, sold to Robin M. Wolpin, Massena; and Katherine J. Englert, Massena $37,000

Village of Massena: 0.08 acres, lot 14 in block 41 on “Homecroft Tract Property Map,” Connor J. Amo, Peru, sold to Joshua Blanchard, Massena $85,000

City of Ogdensburg: 0.08 acres, 25 Pine Street, Ogdensburg Land Bank Corporation, Ogdensburg, sold to Jeffrey W. Schofell and Florence E. Schofell, Ogdensburg $5,000

City of Ogdensburg: 0.09 acres, beginning in westerly boundary of New York Avenue at northeasterly corner of lot 5, Ogdensburg Land Bank Corporation, Ogdensburg, sold to Brenda J. Dulmage, Morristown $6,500

City of Ogdensburg: 0.09 acres, 12 Oak Street, Ogdensburg Land Bank Corporation, Ogdensburg, sold to Dale A. Earl and Synda J. McNeilly, Ogdensburg $5,500

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 4, house numbers 102, 104 and 106 Bishop Avenue, Block 24, David G. Labelle and Wendy Dorion-Labelle, Massena, sold to Bruce Mcdonald, Massena $64,000

Town of DeKalb: 5 acres, beginning at junction of Winters Road and Route 186, Brandon G. Kelley, Rensselaer Falls, sold to William L. Newcombe, Rensselaer Falls $150,000

Town of Colton: 0.26 acres, part of lot 14 of township 10, Robert Miller, Monroeville, Ala., sold to Randy R. Reagan and Cassie S. Reagan, Colton $122,500

Town of Massena: parcel, lot 7 in block 9, Howard Street, of Subdivision of Dilcox Farm, Lynn Tharrett, Massena, sold to Deborah M. Moody, Tupper Lake $83,000

Town of Potsdam: Parcel, beginning on Potsdam-Hopkinton Road from southeast corner of lot sold by William Z. Larned to O.P. Senter, Ronald R. Page, Potsdam, sold to Zachary P. McNally, Potsdam $80,000

Town of DeKalb: 15.05 acres, beginning in southwest boundary of lands now or formerly of Janet Hamilton at intersection of west boundary of Route 812, Connor J. Burt and Christy M. Burt, DeKalb Junction, sold to Brandon G. Kelley and Hilary A. Kelley, Rensselaer Falls $375,000

Town of Fine: Parcel, 24 Griffin Avenue, Kellen Bassette, Mexico, sold to Tarry L. Randall and Roxanne L. Randall, Maine $10,000

Town of Morristown: 1.371 acres, beginning at Edwardsville Hammond Road with intersection of westerly boundary of lands now or formerly of Alden L. and Olive L. Young, Nola Forjone, Hammond, sold to Kevin Dishaw, Hammond $3,500

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Nov. 2, 2020:

Town of Canton: 2.2 acres, beginning on road leading past Hale Farm toward brick Chapel at intersection of line between Hale Farm and Dewey Cornell Farm, Michele Abplanalp, Canton; and Christopher K. Abplanalp, Portland, Maine, sold to Jeffrey A. Jones II, Canton $162,000

Town of Pierrepont: Parcel, beginning on Butternut Ridge Road on southwest corner of premises sold to David and Lucy Smith, Jo Ann Waters, Potsdam, sold to William J. Hess and Cynthia A. Hess, Punta Gorda, Fla. $55,000

Village of Potsdam: 0.43 acres, beginning on south bounds of Pleasant Street from junction of Waverly, Gail A. Anderson and Daniel J. Dudek, Potsdam, sold to Catherine Baldwin, Dickinson Center $240,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel 1: Beginning on road leading from Brasher Falls to Helena intersected by line between farms owned by Lee Patraw and Carl Compo; and Parcel 2: beginning at southeast corner of parcel conveyed to George and Bertha Patraw, Benjamin E. Murtagh and Brittany L. Murtagh, Massena, sold to Averi L. Munson, Brasher Falls $117,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel 1: 2 acres, Butternut island; Parcel 2: 7 acres, Brennan Island; and Parcel 30.16 acres, beginning in northeasterly corner of Marion Newtown lot to bank of St. Regis River, Ethan P. Jackman, Kingstown, sold to Donald T. Bissonette and Darlene M. Bissonette, Bombay $35,000

Village of Massena: 0.23 acres, beginning in north bounds of Elm Street at intersection with north bounds of Elm Circle, Jason C. Taraska and Amanda L. Taraska, Massena, sold to Joseph L. Chontosh and Nikki L. Chontosh, Brasher Falls $151,000

Town of Massena: 0.138 acres, beginning in soultherly bounds of Ames Street at extension of westerly bounds of Cooper Street, Crispian G. Briggs and Tammy L. Briggs, Massena, sold to Tia M. Andrews, Winthrop $77,000

Town of Gouverneur: 1.5 acres, beginning on Old Route 58 at most westerly corner of Dale premises, Martha P. Landon, Parishville, sold to Cody J. Orr, Gouverneur $38,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, 716 Lake Street, John F. Miller, Ogdensburg; and Gail M. Miller, Ogdensburg, sold to Avery Dewing, Winthrop $25,000

Town of Gouverneur: 0.38 acres, beginning on Grove Street at northerly corner of John Quill dwelling house lot, Rowena J. Cameron, Gouverneur, sold to Mrogan V. Huffstuttler and Amber J. Witherbee, Tupper Lake $57,500

Town of Madrid: 1.24 acres, beginning on Walker Road from intersection with Brandy Brook Road, Brandy-View Farms LLC, Madrid, sold to Jordan Kendall and Emily Kendall, Madrid $53,000

Town of Edwards: 0.28 acres, 8 Clingerman Road, Robert J. Meyer and Barbara J. Meyer, Webster, sold to Kevin Hubbard and Rebecca Hubbard, Edwards $75,000

Town of Stockholm: Parcel, beginning in west branch of St. Regis River and in the line between square lots 32 and 33, Susan Dole Armstrong, West Chester, Pa., sold to Floyd T. Mattison and Michelle L. Mattison, Winthrop $22,500

Town of Depeyster: Parcel, beginning in margin of Black Lake at intersection of northwest corner of a lot now or formerly of William Brew, The Canandaigua National Bank and Trust Company, Canandaigua; D. Bryan Marianacci, Bloomfield; and Kyle T. Marianacci, Bloomfield, co-trustees of The Marianacci Disclaimed Propert Trust, sold to David Keefer, Lowville $35,000

Town of Oswegatchie: Parcel, beginning at southwesterly corner of lot 9 to northerly edge of Justina Street, Robert W. Lent Jr. and Meade Lent, Ogdensburg, sold to Dylan J. barton and Kristi R. Pike, Heuvelton $58,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Nov. 3, 2020:

Town of Fowler: 7.01 acres, lot 42, beginning at northwest corner of lot owned by Albert C. and Beverly D. Fritz in west line of lot 42, Justin M. Besaw, Harrisville, sold to Charity D. Besaw, Gouverneur $22,000

Town of Louisville: 2 acres, beginning in southerly bounds of Route 37 at northeasterly corner of lands now or formerly Wanda B. Flynn and Dureen B. LaDuke, Andy L. Richards and Abigail G. Richards, Massena, sold to John C. Croasdaile Jr. and Joann B. Croasdaile, Massena $159,000

Town of Oswegatchie: Parcel, lot 13 of John E. Stewart Estate St. Lawrence River Cottage Lots, Mark R. Tolman, Utica; David J. Tolman, Newburgh; Matthew Tolman, Ogdensburg; William B. Tolman, Ogdensburg; and Theresa D. Tolman, Utica, sold to Susan LaVallee and Glen LaVallee, Baldwinsville $370,000

Town of Stockholm: 95.08 acres, beginning on Pickle Street on west side of Neil and Doris Cyrus property, Dwayne A. Belt, Potsdam, executor of last will and testament of Douglas L. Belt, sold to Seth D. Belt and Elizabeth M. Belt, Potsdam $92,000

Town of Edwards: 6.1 acres, James Pond Road Extension, Private, Thomas R. Mousaw, Colorado Springs, Colo., sold to Daniel J. Wolfe, Bellmore $17,500

Town of DeKalb: 5.88 acres, beginning on County Route 17 at intersection of Ideauma Road, Kim L. Riley Jr., Richville, sold to Joni M. Miller and Ada E. Miller, DeKalb Junction $1,500

Town of Lousiville: 3.42 acres, south of Route 37B in Great Lot 35, beginning at northwest corner of lands now or formerly of Kendall C. Straight Jr., Eric J. Dow, Massena, sold to Raymond Clifford Drake, Malone $120,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, beginning in northerly bounds of Bayley Road easterly from intersection of bounds of William Street, Pauline R. Hall, individually and as surviving spouse of Edwin G. Hall, Massena, sold to Kenneth Ober, Norwood $60,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Nov. 4, 2020:

Town of Lisbon: 58.43 acres, beginning on Hanlon Road at intersection with division line between Town of Waddington to the east and Town of Lisbon to the west, C. Bruce Green, Lisbon, sold to Jaon Bell and Cristy Bell, Lisbon $48,000

Town of Brasher: 0.413 acres, beginning on highway leading from the bridge across St. Regis River toward Brasher Iron Works at northeast corner of Village lot 1, Roger P. Ryea, Helena, sold to Pendra J. King, Massena $50,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, “party” of lot 6, fifty feet wide on ripley Street, Danny Joslin and Susan Joslin, Massena, sold to Paula Mendies, Massena $18,000

Town of Canton: 1 acre, in mile square 2, range 1, beginning from southwesterly corner of parcel conveyed to Weeman, John P. Casey and Diane Kay Casey, Canton, sold to Dillon D. Noble, Canton; and Brooke M. Noble, Canton $68,000

Village of Massena: 2.042 acres, beginning in east boundary of Dickens Street at northwest corner of lands now or formerly of the Town of Massena, Shanta Goswami, Massena; Rajiv Goswami, Houston, Texas; and Sanjay Goswami, Maplewood, N.J., sold to Patrick J. Curran and Lori K. Curran, Massena $110,000

Village of Norwood: Parcel, part of the Charles McCarthy Farm at Potsdam Junction, now Village of Norwood, Susan J. Bartlett, Norwood; Diane C. Schryver, York, Pa.; Kevin D. Enslow, Norwood; Laurie S. Lowe, Mooresville, N.C.; and Angela M. Miller, Waddington, sold to Blake Sharlow, Canton $99,000

Town of Potsdam: Parcel, beginning in southerly bounds of Walnut Street at intersection with Market Street, Jason Cameron, Colton; and Valerie Cameron, Hannawa Falls, sold to PFW Research LLC, Potsdam $57,500

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Nov. 5, 2020:

Town of DeKalb: 5.74 acres, beginning on Risley Road at northwest corner of parcel conveyed to Phillip P. Gray, Jennifer Shampine, DeKalb Junction, sold to Courtney L. Labeau and Matthew J. Russell, Canton $129,500

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 5 in block 493, Alfred G. Coto, Gibsonia, Pa.; and Mary Joyce Coto, Massena, sold to Richard Fregoe and Eileen Fregoe, Brasher Falls $131,000

Town of Hammond: 1.971 acres, part of lands conveyed to David L. Marsaw and Barbara Gove Marsaw, beginning on Chippewa Bay Road (County Route 11), at intersection with division line between said lands of Marsaw on northeast and lands conveyed to Erwin McQueer, Shayne L. Marsaw, Clayton, sold to Lisa M. Rosenbarker, Hammond $85,000

Town of Russell: Parcel, beginning on north bank of Grass River at southeast corner of village lot owned by Mrs. Darrus Chapins, Keith Ziemba and Nancy Ziemba, Russell, sold to Lawrence R. Parker and Susan C. Parker, Lake Luzerne $129,250

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 1 in block CC on Map 2 of Westwood, Massena, Brent Marion, Norfolk, sold to Patricia Cogswell, Lake $95,000

Town of Fowler: 1 acre, beginning on southwesterly shore of Oswegatchie River at intersection of northwesterly boundary of lands now or formerly of Edelweiss Holdings LLC, Harry J. Harmer, Gouverneur, sold to Richard W. Hardy Jr. and Jacqueline L. Scott, Gouverneur $168,000

Town of Morristown: Parcel 1: 0.53 acres, beginning in north bounds of Lina Street with centerline of Center Street; and Parcel 2: 0.02 acres, beginning at northwest corner of lands of William A. Lynch on northerly bounds of former railroad right of way, Eileen Jarrett, New York City; sold to Robert W. Baker and Kyle A. Baker, Gouverneur $269,000

Town of Lawrence: 33.75 acres, beginning in easterly bounds of land of Kraft Corp. at common corner of lots 6, 7, 13 and 14, Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., Massena, sold to Loren W. Traynor, North Bangor $35,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel, beginning on east bank of Deer River northerly from southwest corner of lot described in Liber 602 of Deeds at page 42, Teena Prentice, Massena, executrix of last will and testament of Richard M. Kirkey, sold to Arthur W. Nisbet and Catherine J. Nisbet, Ogdensburg $65,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, beginning on west bounds of State Street of east bounds of lot 5, Patricia Mahoney, Ogdensburg, sold to Ogdensburg 533 State Street LLC, Ogdensburg $76,500

Town of Stockholm: Parcel, lot 2 on “Map Showing division of Lands to be Conveyed to Cold River Properties Inc.,” Jason Baker, Englewood, Ohio, sold to Joelle Laffin, North Syracuse $55,000

Town of Louisville: Parcel, lot 282 on “Wilson Hill Area, Power of Authority of the State of New York,” Margaret M. Mcdonald, Massena, sold to Daniel N. Haley and Laurie B. Haley, Massena $166,500

Town of Lisbon: 4 acres, northerly of Baker Road in mile square 3 of fifth range, Allan Sherman, Chandler, Ariz., sold to John W. Flagg and Debra L. Flagg, Spencerport $132,000

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