Lyme to replace damaged culvert on Klock Road

This Google map shows the approximate area where a culvert will be replaced on Klock Road in Three Mile Bay. Google Images

THREE MILE BAY — Klock Road property owners can now rely on town of Lyme workers to replace a damaged culvert on the road near the transfer site.

A few part-time residents, including Gary R. Stinson, have been involved in a dispute with the Lyme Town Council over who was responsible for replacing the culvert with a used one donated from the Jefferson County Highway Department. The board contended that town workers could not replace the culvert because it was on a private road, but property owners argued the town was responsible because it was on town property.

After a debate that spanned three months, Town Supervisor Scott G. Aubertine said the board last month approved residents’ requests to use town workers to replace the culvert as a way to prevent accidents, even though the culvert exists on a private road.

“We didn’t want anybody to get hurt on that culvert,” he said.

Property owners, however, also demanded the board to pay $150 each year for crushed stone for annual maintenance, to cover the stretch of road from County Route 57 to the culvert. Mr. Stinson and other seasonal residents dispute the ownership of that portion of road, arguing that the town actually owned it. The town denied that request.

Mr. Aubertine said the board remains steadfast in its view that all of Klock Road was privately-owned. Town, county and state officials have previously said their records indicated the same.

“We are not putting stone down or anything like that,” he said.

Highway Department superintendent Patrick Weston said the county delivered the culvert to the transfer site and he has been waiting for the seasonal residents to replace the culvert when weather permits.

Mr. Stinson, who also serves as supervisor for the town of Rodman, did not return a request for comment.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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