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CLAYTON — The Metro-Jeff Drug Task Force seized a large quantity of heroin Tuesday during the execution of a search warrant at a Joseph Lonsway Drive apartment.

The task force said in a statement Friday that the execution of the warrant and the drug seizure was the result of an investigation into alleged activity at 100 Joseph Lonsway Drive, Apt. 114A, over several months.

When police entered the apartment at about 11:30 a.m., two males and two females were inside. The scene and the occupants were secured without incident, the statement said.

During the search, police allegedly recovered 604 glassine envelopes containing heroin, about 8 grams of a substance believed to be synthetic narcotics, about 8½ grams of an unknown substance, three digital scales, numerous items of drug paraphernalia and $1,873 in cash.

The task force said incident remains under investigation and arrests are pending the conclusion of the investigation.

Jerry Golden, an investigator with the task force, said the apartment they searched had been under investigation for at least a year. He said the suspects in question were Watertown residents before temporarily moving to Clayton to begin this operation.

Clayton is hardly different than any other outlying village in terms of drugs, Mr. Golden said, considering dealers will think they are a safe haven away from the more trafficked Watertown. He thinks moving to smaller areas works against them as villages will see people they don’t recognize, an increase in noise and uptick in traffic.

“People in the villages are not going to put up with that,” Mr. Golden said.

He wants to give credit to the Clayton Police Department and Police Chief Kevin Patenaude. The task force’s relationship with his department works like a two-way street with each side asking for assistance or giving the other information.

“Those guys deserve credit,” the investigator said. “I give credit to all part-time police departments that are out there working vigilantly. We have a really good task force in our county, but we’re still limited in our resources like everywhere else.”

The task force was assisted at the scene by the Jefferson County Sheriff Office’s road patrol and Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team, the Watertown Police Department’s Strategic Response Team, K-9 unit and identification unit, as well as village police.

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