Dave Cobb’s barn is shown after a crash in the town of Hounsfield on Friday night. Ben Muir/Watertown Daily Times

HOUNSFIELD — A passenger in a pickup truck is in critical condition after it appears he was ejected and then thrown through a barn wall during a rollover crash Friday on County Route 62.

According to state police, Christopher M. Thompson, 27, of Watertown, was driving a 2004 Dodge Ram pickup westbound on County Route 62 when he drove off the road and rolled several times. A passenger in the vehicle, Joshua A. Mushak, 33, of Verona, was ejected from the vehicle.

David Cobb was sitting in his barnyard along County Route 62 on Friday night at about 8:13 p.m. when he saw the Ram pickup truck pass by. He watched it continue a few hundred yards before it lost control. The truck began moving side-to-side and he said it appears the driver over-corrected.

“When he over-corrected, he went airborne,” Mr. Cobb said.

He said the truck began rolling toward another barn that he owns, just down the road across the street. The pickup came to rest and he said he had already begun dialing 911.

After being on the phone with dispatch for roughly two minutes, Mr. Cobb said he got in his Jeep and drove the short way to the crash. There were already several cars stopped, and he stressed the importance of the Good Samaritans who stopped to help.

Then he noticed the pickup truck had come to rest before his barn, never hitting it, but there was still a hole in the bottom-ride side of the barn’s wall, where it appears Mr. Mushak had been ejected through.

“You ever see a car flip on a race track?” he asked. “It turns slowly and then they speed up because of the mass. That’s what that did. He was in that mass somewhere, and as it got close and as it slowed down, it threw him right through the wall.”

Mr. Cobb said first responders arrived on scene in short order. The section of County Route 62 was closed from roughly 8:20 p.m. until at least 2 a.m., as a helicopter landed at the scene. Mr. Cobb said the helicopter was on scene for roughly 40 minutes, and Mr. Mushak was airlifted to Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. Mr. Mushak remains in critical condition, according to a news release issued Saturday by state police.

Mr. Thompson was seen walking around at the scene. He was taken to Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Mr. Cobb said it was a hard night for everybody, but if there was one positive note, it would be the people who stopped initially to help.

“I was very impressed,” he said. “The people who were there to help were excellent. That’s the one bright spot with all this crap we have dealt with, people were really there to help.”

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