City bridge projects ‘progressing’

A sign advises drivers of bridge construction work along the Pearl Street bridge on Friday. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Work is moving along on three bridges in the city.

City Engineer Justin L. Wood said rehab work on the Mill Street and Pearl Street bridges that span the Black River is on schedule.

“It’ll be wrapped up this fall and things are progressing,” he said.

The city received more than $1.7 million in state funding from the BRIDGE NY program, which Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo introduced in 2017, to pay for the work.

The Mill Street bridge has been repainted, and concrete repairs are continuing on Pearl Street.

Work on the eastbound traffic on the Pearl Street was recently completed, with work zones soon to be switched to the other side of the street, Mr. Wood said.

Meanwhile, repairs to the top of deck and replacing beams and joints are getting done on the Mill Street bridge, he said.

Luck Brothers, Plattsburgh, is the general contractor on the project.

Several blocks away, motorists should also be happy to hear the $8.3 million Arsenal Street bridge replacement project is still expected to be finished “by the end of the calendar year,” Region 7 Public Information Officer Michael R. Flick said Friday.

“The focus is on getting the bridge up and operational,” he said.

Motorists are now using a four-lane temporary bridge constructed over CSX railroad tracks.

Depending on how the project is going, the temporary bridge might not be removed until the spring of 2020, Mr. Flick said.

DOT officials determined the project is needed because the Arsenal Street bridge is “deficient” in several areas, including the surface and bridge deck, joints, bearings, paint, pedestals, sidewalks and piers.

The federal government will pay 80 percent of the project’s cost, with the remaining amount coming from the state. Once completed, the bridge is expected to last 75 years.

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