Retired teacher praises Biden win

David and Laura Johnson stand outside their home on Franklin Street on Saturday. Ben Muir/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Laura Johnson was on the phone with her 91-year-old mother at noon on Saturday, less than an hour after Joe Biden was projected to become the next president of the United States, defeating President Donald Trump, and both were ecstatic. The former teacher taped a sign to their porch recently that reads “Literally Anyone Else,” and it appears that came to fruition this weekend.

Mr. Biden is president-elect and for people like Mrs. Johnson, this election came down to children. She was a teacher for many years in Watertown and has since retired. She’s well connected and said a “Trump Effect” had been recognizable within students. The effect, she said, is more bullying and disregard for others.

“Kids who were 5 years old when he was elected are now 9,” she said. “They’ve been watching this. If you’re 9, you’re in third grade and that’s when you really start noticing your peers.”

Mrs. Johnson said simply Mr. Trump did not set a good example for developing children.

“What’s our most important resource?” she said. “People.”

She’s had the flag taped to her front porch in the months leading up to the election. She said people have stopped to come take photos next to it, and that it was a referendum on Mr. Trump’s presidency and call for “Literally Anyone Else.” That could have meant a Democrat or Republican. Turns out the former vice president was their guy.

“I think he should really make it clear,” she said, opining on what Mr. Biden should do quickly, “what he has been saying lately, which is ‘I would be a president for all people — those who voted for me and those who did not.’”

Not to mention she wants Mr. Biden to take action on policy as soon as possible.

To supporters of the president, Mr. Trump, she said: “Keep an open mind. Don’t live in the past. Contribute toward the future.”

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(19) comments

hermit thrush

the wdt is so biased that ... it waited until after the election to run this article which paints donald trump in an unflattering light.


The country started to decline 2008 with Obama/Biden. Trump brought REAL hope and change. Now watch what happens in this country! 2024 will have the new world order already in place. Good luck to all!!

hermit thrush

amazing. how'd that landslide work out for you?


Trump real change alright, 235,000+ dead Americans & Millions infected with no plan or care t deal with the "China Virus". If the "new world order" gets this virus under control many are all in for it.


When I look at the Jefferson County Board of Elections site, it is apparent that in our voting, we are out of step with the majority of the voting population in the US. This is not in itself a bad thing. However it does cause me to spend alot of time thinking about why we are so extreme in our mindset. Does it bring us prosperity and peace? Or does it lead us to be burdened with poverty? Do we fight taxation and the social programs taxes support: education, health care for all, safe housing standards, and healthy nutrition for examples. We have alot of problems in our 21st district: binge drinking, drug abuse, prenancies with paarents who are unable to properly raise their babies. We need to ask oursleves what can we do to solve our own problems. Perhaps we need a new mind set in which recongnize our own problems and take responsibity for them.

hermit thrush

a lot of people are very invested in reactionary cultural conservatism.


I don't know why, but rural areas in general seem to be more conservative, throughout the country.


Without the senate, Biden won't get much done, but at least things won't get worse.


That’s a good thing


Let's get down to GA & do something about it!


President Trump is for the united states and for children. The democrats are the loud bullies! The times should be ashamed of putting articles like this in the paper. SAD to read and will most likely cancel my subscription due to articles like this

hermit thrush

some people come to the news with an open mind. some people come only for propaganda.


Not when it’s fake news

hermit thrush

saying "fake news" is the reflex people have when they don't want to believe in reality.


Democrats know that the majority of the people already support their more moderate policy positions. The right, on the other hand, has to psyche everybody to maintain minority rule. It's they who wage the cultural false flag attacks, or have them done.


djp - unfortunately it wasn't Trump's policies .many of us supported same...and they gave us a positive economy that everyone benefited from... it was his character....tweets...lies... that's why the GOP did OK down the ticket, suggesting both parties supported house and senate candidates..... it was his crazy uncle type antics.. Sad...

hermit thrush

i will keep saying this until i'm blue in the face, trump did not give us a good economy. he inherited a decent economy from obama/biden and it stayed decent under him until the pandemic hit. he deserves credit for not messing it up, but he also did nothing to improve it.


Wasn't Trump's policies that gave us a great economy, see the possible new Chief of Staff Barack Obama.


Cancel your subscription and head to Somali, just saying, many people are saying it would be perfect for a person like you.

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