Robert Schorr

Robert T. Schorr. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Robert T. Schorr thinks that the members of City Council need to increase working together if they want to solve the issues that the city is facing.

Mr. Schorr, who’s running for a four-year seat on City Council, said he would seek compromises on city issues.

“To get things done, you have to work together,” he said. “You have to work things out.”

He decided to run for the four-year seat, rather than filling a vacant spot for the next two years because he’s looking at the long term and how he’d start with getting the smaller compromises completed first.

Mr. Schorr, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for council two years ago, says that council members haven’t resolved many of the same issues that were talked about when he ran the first time.

The rocky relationship with the city firefighters’ union and what’s going to happen to two city pools that aren’t opening this summer needs to be addressed. He doesn’t favor demolishing the Flynn pool at North Street Elementary School, despite major repairs that need to be completed.

Mr. Schorr, a longtime volunteer firefighter with the last seven years with the town of Watertown Fire Department, fears that the city will try to cut 15 firefighters from the fire department and close a fire station if the city is successful in its continuing labor dispute with the firefighters’ union.

He keeps hearing that is on the city’s agenda.

“It’s very obvious that the writing is on the wall,” he said.

Mayor Smith adamantly denies that he plans to shut down the Mill Street fire station or eliminate 15 firefighter positions, accusing Mr. Schorr of misleading voters.

Mr. Schorr brought up the issue during a radio interview, with the mayor immediately responding in a news release denying it.

With seven candidates running in the primary, Mr. Schorr thinks that his name recognition from his campaign two years ago will help keep him in the race in November, he said.

He also has business experience. For 22 years, he helped his father and uncle run Schorr’s Sunoco and car wash on the city’s north side. He and his uncle sold the business after his father died two years ago.

During all of those years, their customers talked about what they wanted the city to do when they brought their vehicles into the garage to be repaired. That experience helped him form his views on today’s issues in the city, he said.

Now he’s asking those same people to vote for him for council.


Robert T. Schorr

Age: 52

Profession: Cleveland Medical Transport for the city’s para-transit contract a member of the medical extract team, recently retired as a process server

Education: 1986 Watertown High School, attended Jefferson Community College

Family: Widowed, relationship with Deidra Coughlin, son Dillon

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