A fire truck sits upside down in a creek off of Wellesley Island on Friday afternoon after flipping into the small body of water. Ben Muir/Watertown Daily Times

WELLESLEY ISLAND — Two firefighters were taken to River Hospital on Friday night after the fire truck they were working on flipped into a creek.

At about 3:50 p.m., fire departments were dispatched to a home on County Route 191 near Lake of the Isles to what turned out to be a minor shed fire. During their response, a crew from the Fishers Landing Fire Department took their truck roughly a half-mile down the road to a creek to establish a fill site and gain water from the St. Lawrence River.

In doing so, they parked the fire truck parallel with the road and with the creek close by. Separating the truck and the creek was a roughly 5-foot concrete embankment.

As they were beginning to fill the truck with water, Michael Cantatore, the second assistant fire chief, said he suspects a mechanical issue took place on the rig, causing it to jump into gear.

“As it jumped, the firefighter that was running the pump had jumped into the water,” he said, “and the other firefighter was tossed to the side.”

One firefighter was tossed toward the road while the other was knee-deep in the creek. Regardless, both were able to get free of the area before the rig flipped into the water.

They were both shaken up and taken to River Hospital, Alexandria Bay, to be evaluated with non-life-threatening injuries.

“They both followed protocol right to the T,” the assistant chief said. “They’ve been doing this a long time. They both run this truck and they know everything about it.”

At about 6 p.m., the route was suspected to be closed for another few hours as two tow trucks worked to pull the rig from the creek.

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