CALCIUM — The mother of a 5-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly unlawfully took him from the playground at Calcium Primary School earlier that afternoon, violating a stay-away order of protection.

State police confirmed the child was safely found about 20 miles away from school grounds about an hour later.

Most patrols in Jefferson County began looking for the child attending Calcium Primary School shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday. State police received a report of a possible child abduction, and an investigation determined that the child’s mother, Katrina Seese, who resides in Pennsylvania, had taken her child from the playground. There was a stay-away order of protection issued against Ms. Seese, listing the child as the protected party, according to state police.

The school immediately contacted 911 and reported the description of the woman and the vehicle.

Officers scoured the county for a green Toyota Corolla, which the child was reportedly traveling in, for nearly an hour before they found the vehicle on County Route 76 near Adams, roughly 20 miles away from the school.

Ms. Reese, 30, was charged by state police following the incident with second-degree custodial interference and second-degree criminal contempt. She was taken to jail for arraignment.

A resident who lives on Route 76 where state police and deputies swarmed the Corolla said she was surprised to see officers lining the road.

“It’s nice to know we have cops protecting us,” she said. “I’m so glad the child is safe.”

Later on Tuesday, the Indian River Central School District issued a statement saying a “non-custodial parent” removed her child from the school playground without permission. After unsuccessful attempts to redirect the parent, the post reads, staff on scene immediately notified the main office and law enforcement.

The post went on to say that school procedures and communication helped resolve the situation.

“We are greatly relieved that due to the swift actions of school personnel and law enforcement this incident was resolved quickly and positively,” said Mary Anne Dobmeier, the Indian River Central School District superintendent.

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