Water plant leaks stopped

CLAYTON — Violent leaks no longer plague the filters at the water treatment plant, which are essential for providing residents clean water.

Workers installed newer filters in 2018 as part of a more than $7 million water infrastructure overhaul, but the filters had been leaking, sometimes ejecting 30- to 50-foot sprays at times, for almost a year since October of 2018.

Water and Wastewater Operations Manager Megan Ervay, however, told the village Board of Trustees on Monday they only experienced “minor dripping,” since workers from the companies involved with the filter replacement, Continental Construction and Koester Associates Inc., last modified them in August.

“Hopefully this is it. I’m hoping for the village’s sake that these modifications work, and we don’t have to rip out the filters,” Ms. Ervay said to the board.

Filter deficiencies had not denied residents access to sufficient amounts of clean water or prompted any state of emergency.

The village had been in talks with Continental Construction, which oversaw the overall water infrastructure project, and Koester Associates, which supplied the filters, about resolving the exorbitant leaks for several months. Despite their attempts to fix the filters, they made little progress until August, frustrating village officials. The recent fixes included rebuilding portions of the filters, repairing their seals, replacing bolts and installing a new backwash system, according to Ms. Ervay and minutes for the Aug. 12 board meeting.

After dealing with almost a year of significant leaking and faulty repairs, Ms. Ervay said she secured a 20-year extended warranty for the filters. If they experience any issues, the contractors must fix or replace them.

Trustee Nancy L. Hyde said the leaking proved a critical issue for the village, and Ms. Ervay performed well in remedying it.

“Good job, Megan,” said Trustee Michelle T. Grybowski.

In addition to new filters, the $7 million water infrastructure overhaul also included a new chlorination system and pumps at the plant, upgrades to the pump station on Bartlett Point Road and new water lines for several streets and Washington Island, among other improvements.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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