Decorum debates take over City Council

City Council Members, from left, Lisa A. L'Huillier Ruggiero; Sarah V. Compo Pierce; Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith; Clifford G. Olney III and Patrick J. Hickey in the Council Chambers at Watertown City Hall on March 14, 2022. Kara Dry/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — City Council members are quarreling about decorum at council meetings almost as much as they are dealing with city business.

They spent only about half of Monday’s two-hour and 13-minute meeting discussing and approving 17 resolutions, talking about staff reports and listening to residents.

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Regularly, and in their entirety, I watch the city council meetings live thanks to Steve Weed Productions.

The presence of Attorney H. Todd Bullard in the city council chamber for the last few meetings has exacerbated the ongoing decorum issue. His grandstanding, self-aggrandizement, moral showboating, verbosity, and partiality to Mayor Smith (1) contribute to polarization among the council members, (2) add more distasteful dimensions to be outraged at, intensifying decorum exhaustion, (3) are distractions that lead spectators to mistake posturing for progress, and (4) boost his brand rather than advancing dialogue.

Is Attorney Bullard aware that psychology correlates HIS behaviors with a narcissistic personality?

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