Officials mull extra City Hall security

Watertown City Hall. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Leonard G. Spaziani should know Monday night whether he becomes the newest member of City Council.

He met again last Wednesday with council members Lisa A. Ruggiero and Ryan Henry-Wilkinson to talk about his role on council if he’s appointed to fill the vacant position. Councilwoman Ruggiero said they were satisfied with what he had to say during the meeting after discussing a variety of city issues.

“I think he’s going to be voted in,” she said.

Two weeks ago, council members tabled the appointment because she and the councilman wanted more time to think about it. They had met with him in executive session on April 6 for about 30 minutes before tabling it.

Mr. Spaziani said Friday he would not assess his chances, only to say “it remains to be seen. We’ll find out Monday.”

Last month, he approached Councilwoman Ruggiero about filling the seat for the rest of the year after council members could not agree on appointing two other candidates who were interviewed for the position. He’s a distant relative of Mayor Jeffrey M. Smith through marriage, but she’s not bothered by that.

“He’s his own person,” she said.

Mr. Spaziani would replace first-term Councilman Jesse C.P. Roshia, who resigned in January because he started a new job and moved outside of the city.

Three people — Patrick J. Hickey, Amy Horton and Jason M. Traynor — are running to fill the remainder of the two-year term. They face off in a June 22 primary before the two top vote-getters move on to the general election in November.

Seven candidates are also facing off in a separate primary before four of them go on to the general election for a four-year seat. Councilwoman Ruggiero is running for a second term, while Councilman Henry-Wilkinson is not seeking a second term.

In addition to Robert T. Schorr and Benjamin Shoen, the other candidates for the four-year seat are Cliff Olney III, Michelle L. Capone, Aaron R. Clemons and Douglas R. Rice.

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