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Tyler L. Noftsier, 30, of Beaver Falls was charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, both misdemeanors, by the state police on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the police’s online activity report, the incident that lead to the charges happened on State Route 12 in the town of Leyden at about 1:10 p.m.

No further information was provided.

Jonathan R. Kennedy, 31, of Lowville, was charged with driving while intoxicated with a blood alcohol of .08 percent or more and common law DWI, both misdemeanors, along with a number of violations including driving without a license or registration and speeding by the Village of Lowville Police on Wednesday.

Mr. Kennedy was stopped on East State Street in the village after he was seen by an officer driving “at a high rate of speed.”

He allegedly failed field sobriety tests after the officers reported smelling alcohol on his breath, and was found to have a BAC of .14 percent when he was tested at the Lewis County Public Safety Building.

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Mr. Hogan defiantley walked to his property, drinking from a coffee cup, probably had bourbon in it. He stopped, smelled the roses, curled his lip and continued to his property. Why? There's nothing there! He had a bathrobe on, maybe he was going to flash.......the neighbors retreated to indoors. This man must be stopped. The trop!


Mr Hogan stood on his deck late today, defiantly glaring at the neighbors while "You are the perfect drug" NIN played in the background. He struck that messianic Mussolini pose then reentered his house. He has to be stopped! What next? I am the walrus, cou cou cachoo! The brazen animal!


It was reported that , yet again, at 6:25 a.m., Mr. Hogan walked to the end of his driveway, for no apparent reason. Neighbors have effected arrests in the past for this abhorrent behaviour, but the police have so far been unwilling to make further arrests. The cad!


Mr. Hogan, again, has not been arrested for walking down his driveway while terrorizing local residents with his maniacal presence. He has passed too and fro, apparently without reason, for no other reason, than to visit his real estate. The cur!

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