CARTHAGE — Having an inadequate water source, the village of Copenhagen is in negotiations with the Carthage-West Carthage Water Filtration Utility Management Board to find a remedy.

During the filtration board’s meeting Aug. 21, Carthage village president G. Wayne McIlroy said the municipal leaders of the three villages would be meeting next week to see if an agreement could be reached. Since the situation is in negotiations, Mr. McIlroy was unable to give precise details but said Copenhagen used about 60,000 gallons of water per day.

“We may supply all of their water, go on a needs basis or be used as a backup,” said Mr. McIlroy. “The Department of Health is requiring them to do something.”

In 2016, Copenhagen experienced historically low water levels in the village’s three wells off Stoddard Road and had to issue emergency conservation orders.

During that summer, the area experienced drought conditions. At the time, then Copenhagen Mayor Scott L. Alexander said the village’s three operational wells had “excellent” water levels until July, when drought conditions began to take hold. Two were depleted to almost nothing over the summer. The third went from producing 300 gallons a minute to a rate of 55 gallons per minute.

To remedy the situation at that time, Copenhagen purchased water from the Carthage-West Carthage system at a rate of $200 per truckload.

The trucked water was used to fill the village’s water tank in order to take the pressure off the one operating well.

In 2010, Copenhagen completed a $3 million project that developed new wells off Stoddard Road in the town of Denmark and upgraded water lines.

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