Improvements made at fairgrounds to aid youth sports

Over the summer work was done on the ice rink at Lewis County Fairgrounds. Photo submitted

LOWVILLE — Despite the cancellation of many activities this past year, it was a busy summer in assuring the future of two major youth and community programs in Lewis County. Two important projects were completed at the Lewis County fairgrounds, thanks to a long-time partnership with the Lewis County Agricultural Society to host the ice rink at the Forest Park Pavilion and summer youth soccer programs.

The Lewis County Ice Skating program and the Lowville Youth Soccer Association teamed up to construct a new storage building near the soccer and baseball fields on the northeastern side of the grounds. This construction was completed, in order to better accommodate and improve the efficiency of storing equipment and supplies related to the ice rink and summer soccer programs. This building replaces the undersized, and rather unsightly, temporary storage containers that have been used for several years, and will be a valuable asset to these programs.

The more significant undertaking was the replacement of the deteriorating floor in the Forest Park Pavilion, which included the installation of new refrigeration lines that are now in the new concrete floor. Just like remodeling an old house, this project presented numerous unexpected challenges along the way, but thanks to the partnership and tremendous time commitment by volunteers from the ice skating program and Agricultural Society the group persevered, culminating in the pouring of new floor in late September. While the new concrete is still in the curing phase and there are a number of small projects left to prepare the building for public use again, it is looking great.

The ice rink refrigeration lines that are now in the concrete, replacing the old lines that had become weak and prone to leaks, are a huge step in securing the future of a safe and healthy wintertime activity for the Lewis County community. Additionally, the new floor will be a significant benefit and improve safety for the numerous other events that take place in the pavilion throughout the year.

In addition to invaluable support and collaboration from the Lewis County Agricultural Society these projects were possible because of the generosity and continuous support of many other local groups and businesses. Significant financial contributions were made by the Pratt-Northam Foundation, Lowville Youth Athletic Foundation, The George R. Davis Fund, WinDenmark, Lewis County Opportunities, The Lowville Farmer’s and Craft Market, Walmart, Marks Farm and many anonymous donors. The ice skating and youth soccer programs would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of these projects.

Editor’s note: This article was submitted by members of the ice skating and youth soccer programs.

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