LOWVILLE — Two of three codefendants from a meth-making bust in 2018 were sentenced in Lewis County Court on Nov. 15 by Judge Daniel R. King.

Alicia N. Babcock, 25, Croghan, was sentenced as a second felony offender to two 1½-year sentences in state prison followed by one year of parole to be served concurrently on two felony methamphetamine manufacturing charges.

She is also required to pay a total of $750 in court fees and surcharges.

Ms. Babcock admitted in court on Oct. 18 that she had various materials needed to make meth in August 2018 in the town of Croghan and on April 5 in the town of Watson.

Her first felony offense was an aggravated driving while intoxicated conviction on July 14, 2017 when she was sentenced to five years of probation.

Taylor B. Denee, 22, Glenfield, pleaded guilty to felony manufacturing of methamphetamine in a deal that is likely to see her sentenced to five years of probation on Jan. 24.

Ms. Denee admitted to being in the town of Watson home of codefendants Alicia N. Babcock and Russell X. Miller on April 5 when materials to make meth were discovered through a warranted search of the premises.

Russell X. Miller’s case was adjourned until Dec. 6.

William C. Deamer, 46, Harrisville, was sentenced to serve 330 days in county jail on the charge of misdemeanor second-degree criminal contempt and 180 days for violating his probation, to be served consecutively.

He is also required to pay $250 in court fees and surcharges.

On Oct. 18, Mr. Deamer had pleaded guilty to the contempt charge for violating a protection order in the town of Diana on Aug. 7, when he threatened the protected party with the language he used and by raising his hand as if to strike the victim, thereby violating his probation.

Mr. Deamer will be given credit for time served and is likely to be released in time for his child’s high school graduation if there are no further incidents while in jail.

Between 2017 and 2019, Mr. Deamer was convicted of charges relating to violating protection orders and violating his probation three times, at least two of which involved strangling the victim.

Ashley M. Ward, 23, Watertown, pleaded guilty to felony third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and placed on a year of interim probation.

When a search warrant was executed on her boyfriend’s home in Martinsburg on Nov. 3, 2018 while she was there, 8.6 grams of heroin and cash were seized.

Ms. Ward is scheduled to appear in court again on Nov. 13, 2020, after the completion of her probation.

Xavier T. Rose, 29. Watertown, pleaded guilty to felony third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance.

In November 2018, Mr. Rose admitted he had sold cocaine in the town of Denmark after meeting up with someone “near” Stewarts in the village of Copenhagen.

Mr. Rose is likely to be sentenced on Dec. 20 as a second felony offender with a prior violent felony conviction to six years in state prison followed by three years of parole, $200 restitution and the seizure of his vehicle.

Darick R. Brand, 30, Lowville, pleaded guilty to felony third-degree attempted burglary and misdemeanor second-degree possession of prison contraband.

Mr. Brand admitted to going into the Lowville Walmart on July 23 knowing he had been banned from the store on June 6, intending to steal merchandise and violating his probation.

He also admitted to having prescription drugs that didn’t belong to him while in county jail on the evening of Sept. 11.

In his Dec. 20 sentencing, he is likely to be given two years in jail as a sentence that includes one year for each charge to be served concurrently and one year for the original sentence prior to the probation violation, which will be served consecutively.

Patricia L. O’Donnell, 34, Lyons Falls, pleaded guilty to attempting to manufacture methamphetamine and driving while her ability was impaired by drugs, both felonies.

Ms. O’Donnell is likely to be sentenced on Jan. 24 to one to three years in state prison followed by post release supervision.

Judge King agreed to mandate Ms. O’Donnell to the Willard Drug Treatment Program providing a letter from her doctor is submitted stating her crimes related to her addiction.

On May 17, Ms. O’Donnell had materials to make meth in her vehicle while driving on State Route 812 in the town of New Bremen.

She had previously been convicted of aggravated driving while intoxicated in 2010, making the DWAI charge a felony in this case.

Patrick J. Summers, 24, Deposit, N.Y., pleaded guilty to felony fifth-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and was sentenced to two years in state prison followed by one year of parole and the payment of $305 in restitution and $50 in court fees and surcharges.

$130 was seized at the time of Mr. Summer’s arrest.

Judge King also mandated Mr. Summers to the Willard Drug Treatment Program and encouraged Mr. Summers to take advantage of the rehabilitation program and pick a new career.

“You’re not a good drug dealer. You got caught,” Judge King told Mr. Summers, whose parents were in the court room nodding agreement.

In Turin on July 5, during the moe.down music festival, Mr. Summers admitted he sold LSD, commonly called “acid.”

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