LOWVILLE — After a rough year, family support and love for the work have led Lewis County Sheriff Michael P. Carpinelli to announce he will be seeking his fourth term in office in November.

Between his grassroots campaign to run for governor and the need to end the campaign for a lack of petition signatures, Mr. Carpinelli’s wife lost two close family members in 29 days when there was little time to grieve.

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This report egregiously omits the fact that Carpinelli's "rough year" included his official admonishment in February by the Lewis County Board of Legislators -- acting on the recommendation of the county Ethics Board -- for using his official sheriff's letterhead to write a letter to a federal judge testifying to the "good character" of Carpinelli's "good friend" and active ally in New York's far right movement. The sheriff's pal, William Tryon, pleaded guilty to entering the Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection and was fined and sentenced to 50 days in jail by the federal judge, who apparently was unmoved by Lewis County Sheriff Carpinelli's pledge to "put my title and reputation alongside" the misdemeanor offender.

Is there no capable law enforcement officer in Lewis County to challenge this dangerous incumbent in the next election and restore good character and integrity to the Sheriff's office which has been so shamefully lacking during this tinpot tyrant's tenure?

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