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Sara and Mark Murray, owners of Murcrest Farms will be featured in a video by the American Dairy Association North East. Provided photo

COPENHAGEN — What happens behind the barn doors? And who are the people providing milk and dairy products for your consumption?

American Dairy Association North East’s new video series, “This American Dairy Farmer,” offers an answer to these questions with a behind-the-scenes look at local dairy farms and the families that operate them.

Fourth-generation farmers Sara and Mark Murray, part owners of Murcrest Farms LLC on Route 12, will be featured in the second of a two-part episode to air on Facebook at 10 a.m. Saturday. Murcrest was also featured in the first part, which originally aired March 27 and is still available online.

Mr. Murray has done previous projects with the dairy association including a virtual farm tour.

“I guess they thought I was charismatic enough to do this,” the dairy farmer said. “This was great. Other projects focus on what we do, this one was about the people behind dairy industry and the why. It’s a different part of the story that doesn’t get told. It humanizes dairy farming.”

According to a news release from the association, Mr. Murray and his wife cover a variety of topics, including how technology plays an integral role in providing the utmost care for their cows and calves and how their farm and farmer roles have changed over the years. Mr. Murray also talks to viewers about the positive contributions dairy farms make in their communities, which starts with employing local families.

“As a dairy farmer, I believe that it is important to share our farm and our story with the community and consumers of the products we help to produce,” Mr. Murray said in the release.

Murcrest was founded in 1951 by the late Douglas L. Murray and his wife Helen with help from his parents, Merrill and Eva Murray. It was passed on to their son Lynn Murray in 1979, who along with his wife Margaret L. “Peggy,” now co-own the farm with their son and daughter-in-law.

“It’s extremely important to be part of a family farm,” young Mr. Murray said. “It’s very important be the fourth generation and to work with family.”

As pointed out in the first episode of the Murcrest video, Mr. Murray’s young daughters, Abbey and Grace, also help out at the farm.

“With our daughters and nephews, the family farm can continue into the future,” the farm owner said.

The first episode is now available on the farm’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/murcrestfarms and the association’s page www.facebook.com/AmericanDairyNE.

New episodes of “This American Dairy Farmer” will air every week through August and feature a different farm every two weeks. The new series kicked off on March 13 with a visit to Canon Dairy Farm in West Middlesex, Pa. Following Murcrest Farms’ two-week run, the series will head to Penn England dairy farm in Blair County, Pa.

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