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LOWVILLE — Absentee ballots were counted Wednesday morning in the Lewis County primary races, confirming preliminary elections results.

Eric Virkler will represent the Republican Party on the November ballot in his bid to become the next county Treasurer. His narrow 29-vote lead, 765 to Denise Yost’s 736, was increased after absentee votes were tallied, with a final result of 824 to 777.

Ms. Yost, who will still be on the November ballot as the Independence Party candidate, with Mr. Virkler on both the Republican and Conservative Party lines, will be joined in the race by Democrat Christine R. Schwendy.

Incumbent District 7 Legislator Gregory Kulzer, who originally won the office as an independent candidate, officially won the Republican Party primary, picking up 10 votes in absentee ballots while challenger Joshua Leviker gained five votes. The final tally in the race was 105 to 88.

The state Conservative Party Chairman, Jerry Kassar, will have to chose his party’s candidate for District 4 legislator in November, as there were no absentee ballots to break the 2-2 tie between Ian Gilbert and Thomas Schantz.

In two tight municipal races there were also no changes.

Democratic candidate Thomas Kalamas led the pack of three trustee candidates to fill two positions with 31 votes, none of which were from absentees, while Derek Gage bumped his 19 votes to 25 with the absentee votes. Todd Lyndaker was given five more nods by absentee voters, but ended in third place with 19 total. Mr. Kalamas and Mr. Gage will be the Democrats competing in November.

In the Town of Montague, Clifford “Tony” Young bumped his one vote lead to two with an absentee ballot cast, winning the Republican nomination 13 to 11 over Sidney Goutermout.

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