Judge delays rape sentencing


LOWVILLE — Instead of being sentenced as scheduled in Lewis County Court Friday, an admitted rapist had his request for a delay in his sentencing granted, allowing him more time with his new wife.

Herbert E. Lamb pleaded guilty May 17 to one count of first-degree rape and one count of another serious sexual crime in a plea deal that was expected to have him sentenced Friday to 10 years in state prison, followed by 20 years of post-release supervision, and required registration as a sex offender.

Instead, he was allowed by presiding Judge Daniel R. King to return to county jail for three weeks.

On his way out of the courtroom following his May guilty plea, Lamb told Judge King that he was planning to get married while he was awaiting sentencing to a woman he pointed out in the gallery. Judge King offered them both congratulations and told Lamb enthusiastically, “Good for you,” at that time.

Before sentencing was pronounced in Friday’s proceeding, District Attorney Leanne Moser made a statement on the record saying the guilty plea saved the victim from testifying and that the admission “speaks for itself in terms of the depravity of the charge.”

“Words don’t speak to the devastation to the individual which goes beyond the physical nature of the crime but straight to the heart of the victim,” Mrs. Moser said.

As the procedure requires, Lamb was then given time to speak.

He made no comment about his crimes or his victim.

“I’m wondering if I could stay in county jail for one more week,” Lamb told Judge King, because he wants “more time with my wife.”

There was some discussion that it can take 10 days to do the transfer from county jail to state prison, but ultimately, the judge granted the sex offender’s request.

Lamb’s court-appointed defense attorney Gary Miles said, “You’ve done a good thing here, judge. Love prevails.”

Judge King alluded to the fact that the district attorney did not look as comfortable with his decision as Mr. Miles.

Lamb will remain in county jail where he can be visited by his wife until the new sentencing date on July 12.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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This is the liberal progressive slant on issues of sentencing for convicted criminals. I don't agree with it.


This felon should have been shown the same consideration that his victim was shown. Namely, none.


Seriously, he can get visits in Prison, send him there so he can know what it feels like to get used

suzanne phillips

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless!!!

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