GLENFIELD — During these uncertain times, people need some good cheer and that is just what Stiffani, always with a smile on her face and a friendly wave, is delivering to residents of Otter Creek Road.

Toni Spann and a friend had talked about getting a mannequin to use on occasions as a conversation piece.

Blonde hair, blue-eyed Stiffani, purchased online, filled that need and made her first appearance to wish Ms. Spann’s companion, Eric Newman, a happy 50th birthday in July.

After that she went down the road to the Lawrence’s where they set up a fishing scene for Stiffani on “Lake Lawrence.”

Stiffani took part in RiverFest 2020 sponsored by the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce Aug. 1.

“People thought she was real,” Mr. Newman said. “She rode in the passenger seat. People waved to her and were surprised when we took her out of the car.”

The blonde dummy rode in the canoe with Ms. Spann during the outing on the Black River.

“She didn’t paddle much,” Ms. Spann joked.

After RiverFest Stiffani set up a lemonade stand at Cihocki’s.

The goal is to have Stiffani visit each home on the rural road.

“The neighbors of all ages are excited to have their turn,” said Ms. Spann.

Stiffani comes with a tag identifying her as a “permanent resident of Otter Creek Road” born July 2, 2020, along with instructions, “You have been chosen to host Stiffani for approximately two weeks. Then choose a new neighbor for her to be moved to. She has a great sense of humor. Enjoy!”

“It’s a great neighborly thing to do,” Ms. Spann said.

“She’s been a good boost to people’s spirits,” Mr. Newman added. “It gets neighbors speaking with neighbors and adds a little humor.”

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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