Copenhagen warns of discoloration in water

The village of Copenhagen has worked to identify a backup water source for the past four years. Watertown Daily Times

COPENHAGEN — According to Matthew Cooper of Barton & Loguidice, Watertown, the village is falling behind in water production and by week’s end will more than likely have to begin hauling water from Carthage.

A week ago, the village Board of Trustees declared a state of emergency due to the water shortage.

Mr. Cooper said on Monday that the well off Stoddard Road was still pumping and the system was still running but was falling behind.

“We are loosing storage in the tank and may have to start hauling water later this week,” he said referring to an arrangement with the village of Carthage.

As it did in 2016 during the last water shortage, Carthage has agreed to haul water to fill Copenhagen’s water tank.

The 30-day agreement specifies that Carthage will provide water at a rate of $4.90 per 100 cubic feet of water plus labor and equipment costs incurred.

Mr. Cooper said work on the wells off Woodbattle Road is continuing in order to bring that station back into service.

“Cleaning was done on Thursday and Friday and we are working to arrange for a temporary filtration system,” he said noting the “cleaning and cleaned out pumping appeared promising.”

As per Department of Health recommendation, only a brief pumping test was preformed to access the rate. He said the target rate is 50 gallons per minute but the rate will not be known until the station is back online.

Mr. Cooper noted the Woodbattle Road station, although offline, has remained on the water permit as a back-up water source.

Alone the station did not meet the required water supply needed, thus the Stoddard Road plant was established.

He noted that all but a few weeks in 2016 and in 2020 due to drought conditions, the Stoddard Road facility performed well and that the Woodbattle wells should fill the gap if conditions repeat, but only time will tell.

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