Youth donate to Friends of Hospice

Anmolika Bolla, Youth Philanthropy Council vice chair; Katerine Banazek, Youth Philanthropy Council grants committee chair; Romi LaClair, Youth Philanthropy Council chair; Linda Noftier, Friends of Lewis County Hospice board treasurer; Joanne Dicob, Friends of Lewis County Hospice board president; Sidney Wheeler III, Youth Philanthropy Council communication chair; Hailyn Buker, service committee chair and Kaylee Fields Youth Philanthropy Council member.

LOWVILLE — Representatives of Friends of Hospice of Lewis County Board Members, Linda Noftsier and Joanne Dicob recently met with the Northern NY Community Foundation Youth Philanthropy Council Executive Committee to thank them for their partnership with the non profit.

The Youth Council awarded Friends of Lewis County Hospice a $1,000 mission-based grant which was used to purchase 66 books for 12 local libraries. The books distributed were about ways children could deal with grief after a death of a loved one and were delivered to the various libraries during Hospice month in November.

The Friends of Hospice also discussed with the group their recent grant application that was submitted to fund a summer Grief Camp for children and adolescents that have lost loved ones.

“We feel that the concept of the grief camp is extremely important in our community as there have been many young deaths recently, and many children have lost very important people in their lives,” Ms. Noftsier said.

After the visit, Ms. Dicob commented, “I am very impressed with these students! They are a great group of young adults who are learning the needs of the nonprofit community and will make great future leaders in their respective communities.”

Friends of Lewis County Hospice is looking forward to partnering with NNYCF Philanthropy group and Lewis County Hospice to bring more projects forward that will benefit the community and help them understand death and the role Hospice can have in a family’s life during a very difficult time.

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