WASHINGTON — When President Donald Trump invoked emergency war powers last week to fight the coronavirus outbreak, many were hopeful that the federal government would take charge in addressing the nation’s dire shortage of ventilators, protective masks and other critical gear for patients an… Read More ⇒

Dr. Clayton Cowl, chair of Mayo Clinic’s Division of Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine, says symptoms can come on rapidly. These symptoms can be especially dangerous for people over 70; immunosuppressed people; and those with underlying conditions, such as lung disease, heart d… Read More ⇒

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Wednesday passed a measure to provide sick leave and free coronavirus testing to Americans, as President Donald Trump invoked wartime powers to boost manufacturing of medical equipment needed to fight the pandemic and the U.S. restricted its border with Canada. Read More ⇒

WASHINGTON — Young Americans vote at half the rate of older Americans, a gap that is twice as large as in other advanced democracies. In their new book “Making Young Voters: Converting Civic Attitudes into Civic Actions,” University of Virginia professor John B. Holbein and Duke University p… Read More ⇒

Former Vice President Joe Biden seized control of the Democratic presidential contest with a string of Super Tuesday victories over Sen. Bernie Sanders, as voters across the country cast their ballots determined to pick the candidate they believe stands the best chance of defeating President… Read More ⇒