Seasonal affective disorder, and the slightly less debilitating version, which psychologists call the winter blues, are forms of depression that are tied to the winter season. An estimated 10 million Americans struggle with full-blown SAD, and another 10% to 20% are believed to suffer from l… Read More ⇒

As both the Hill and the Easy fires burn in southern California, the extremely dry and windy weather continued through midafternoon Thursday amid a powerful Santa Ana wind event that continues to buffet Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Read More ⇒

WASHINGTON — A bitterly divided House of Representatives voted Thursday to endorse the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, in a historic action that set up a critical new public phase of the process and underscored the toxic political polarization that serves as i… Read More ⇒

Since the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s conduct with Ukraine was set into motion in September, northern New York Rep. Elise Stefanik and other House Republicans have demanded a full House vote authorizing the inquiry. On Thursday morning they got that vote, and every Repu… Read More ⇒

A semi-viral Facebook post from a Pennsylvania police department has become the latest example of an exhausting Halloween tradition: The spread of super-scary — but largely unfounded — warnings about poisoned Halloween candy. Read More ⇒

President Donald Trump’s likening the House impeachment inquiry to a “lynching” elicited an immediate rebuke from Democrats and several Republicans, who condemned the president’s use of a term most associated with the barbaric hanging of African American men. Read More ⇒

On Sept. 22 Smaaash go-carts at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., abruptly closed its doors. The company left no forwarding information on how to contact it. That left Randy Kraemer of Rosemount, Minn., wondering if he had any recourse. “I’m sitting on a $100 gift card,” he said. “How d… Read More ⇒