President-elect Joe Biden and Gov. Andrew Cuomo speak on Sept. 11 during a 9/11 a memorial ceremony in New York City. Courtesy of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office

NEW YORK — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo predicted a “long two months” until the January start of President-elect Joe Biden’s term, noting COVID numbers are going up during the lame duck phase of the Trump administration.

“We’re coming up to the worst two months, I think, that we may have seen vis-a-vis COVID,” Cuomo said on ABC’s “This Week.” “You see the numbers going crazy all across this country, all across the globe ... and you’re seeing it in the fall with the cold coming back and we’re going to have a long two months.”

Last week, the country’s daily number of coronavirus cases reached an all-time high of more than 100,000.

The governor saw a silver lining in Trump’s defeat, saying, “you’ll see a different tone now.”

“You’ll even see some governors start to take a different tone now that Mr. Trump is out of office,” he said. “I think the political pressure of denying COVID is gone. I think you’ll see scientists speak with unmuzzled voice now. And I think the numbers are going to go up and Americans are going to get how serious this is.”

Cuomo described last week’s election as a repudiation of Trump’s divisive style of politics.

“(Trump) did everything he could ... to divide the nation, right? He disunited the states of America,” he said. “And Joe Biden is the exact opposite.

“He’s about finding commonality, which is an affirmative effort,” Cuomo added. “You’ll see Joe Biden is going to be all about that affirmative effort to find the commonality, that core that connects. I think that’s what it was about.”

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snow bird

maybe Holmes should have run for office, he obviously knows more than Biden or Harris.


I agree. I'd vote for Holmes!


That"s right, Cuomo, blame Trump for everything related to Covid-19. A virus that started in China and grew into a worldwide pandemic while you sit back and take no responsibility for anything that happened in your state. It makes no difference what Trump did or would have done, you and your resistance party would have found fault with it, just like everything else Trump tried to accomplish for the country. A motive so paper-thin that it was an easily recognized tactic of your party. And Trump divided this country? No Coumo, you and your dem party and the left leaning media accomplished that. But now Biden and Harris are here to rescue the country and calling for unity. Why didn't they call for unity for the last four years? Paper-thin, Cuomo, paper-thin.


I agree with everything you said.


How many nursing home CoViD deaths were there Governor? Oh, that number won’t be released, okay, I see, right... and Biden is going to fix everything.. He had 47 years and didn’t fix anything.


Biden fixed Nothing Holmes? Parroting POTUS and FOX again...


Not that you care...To list a few Biden accomplishment..

Reviving Our Economy

as Vice President, oversaw implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, then the biggest economic recovery plan in our country’s history. helped rebuild the American economy and save the American auto industry, lifting us out of the Great Recession

brokered Senate negotiations between Democrats and Republicans to pass the Budget Control Act of 2011 and avert a federal government shutdown

led a review in 2014 of federal employment and training programs that reach more than 21 million people per year, retooling $1.5 billion in grants to align with job-driven training best practices

Expanding Access to Healthcare

helped pass Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), guaranteeing health coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions and 20 million who were previously uninsured

helped launch a “Cancer Moonshot” initiative in 2016 to accelerate efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer

Advancing Women's Rights and Gender Equity

sponsored the original Violence Against Women Act in 1994, leading to a major decline in intimate partner violence, from 2.1 million victims in 1994 to 907,000 in 2010

oversaw the confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the second woman in the history of the Supreme Court in 1993

as chair of an all-male Senate Judiciary Committee, advocated the addition of Senators Dianne Feinstein and Carol Moseley Braun

Climate Change

cosponsored proposed legislation to curb greenhouse gas emissions in 2007

called for American participation in UN climate negotiations in 2005

introduced one of the Senate’s first climate change bills, in 1986, leading to the creation of a task force on global warming

utilized his experience working across the aisle to establish a pragmatic plan to cut carbon emissions and secure a sustainable future (click here to read more)

oversaw dispersement of $90 billion for clean energy as part of the 2009 Recovery Act. solar power increased 20x between the years 2008 and 2016

Promoting Peace and Security

secured the passage of arms limitation agreements in 1979 between the United States and the Soviet Union, reducing the risk of global nuclear disaster

advocated for economic sanctions against South Africa’s apartheid government

pushed for U.S. intervention in the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, ending ethnic cleansing and bringing peace to the region

supported expanding NATO to include Warsaw Pact nations Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, advancing the cause of an undivided, democratic and peaceful Europe

Protecting our children

served as primary sponsor of the PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008, helping law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute child predators

sponsored and introduced the Criminal History Background Checks Pilot Extension Act of 2008, allowing volunteer organizations – such as children’s sports groups – to obtain national and state criminal history background checks on their volunteers

Policing and criminal justice reform

Co-authored the 1994 crime bill, which has been credited with decreasing levels of violent crime, but also increasing rates of incarceration. Biden has recognized flaws with the original bill and his proposed policies look to address many of the concerns that resulted (click here to read more)

Stopping Far-Right Judges

as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, blocked Jeff Sessions from becoming a federal judge in 1986

blocked the nomination of Robert Bork, who wanted to roll back advances in civil rights, to the Supreme Court in 1987

Thank you for reading, and we hope you can help us share Joe Biden's accomplishments.

We are in the final stretch. Check the status of your ballot

Join a physical or virtual event where you can contribute your time to helping Democrats win

Florida Early Voting Results 2020


· Biden oversaw the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression while he was vice president.

· Biden voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), killing millions of jobs and gutting American manufacturing.

· Biden led the effort to give China “most favored nation” trade status, killing millions of American jobs.

· Biden supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which would have killed hundreds of thousands of jobs and shrunk U.S. GDP.

· Biden failed to hold China accountable, and instead spent years bowing to Beijing.

· Biden oversaw the 2009 stimulus package, which failed to deliver the “shovel ready jobs” he promised.

· Biden “did every possible thing wrong” responding to the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic.

· Biden failed to replenish the nation’s stockpile of N95 masks after the 2009 swine flu.

· Biden sided with credit card companies over Americans struggling to pay their bills, authoring a law that made it harder for consumers to declare bankruptcy and helped create the student debt crisis.

· Biden was “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” according to Obama-Biden Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

· Biden supported and defended the war in Iraq for years, and then lied about it.

· Biden opposed the raid to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, and then lied about it.

· Biden first suggested the failed “reset with Russia.”

· Biden supported the Iran nuclear deal that sent pallets of unmarked cash to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

· Biden claimed Iraq would be “one of the greatest achievements” of the Obama Administration just a few years before the rise of ISIS.

· Biden failed to provide lethal aide to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s invasion of Crimea.

· Biden failed to effectively counter Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, with even his fellow Democrats admitting Biden “choked.”

· Biden failed to unite our country, with 69% of Americans – the all-time high – saying that race relations were mostly bad when Biden left office.

· Biden failed to stop illegal immigration, instead supporting mass amnesty and policies that encouraged more people to cross our borders illegally.

· Biden made the opioid crisis worse.

· Biden helped pass a government takeover of health care, which led to skyrocketing premiums, higher deductibles, fewer choices, and millions of Americans had their health insurance plans canceled.

This should cover Biden....


Good stuff, Holmes!


Oh, we forgot....Biden made a habit of sniffing women's hair and oddly fondling family members at award ceremonies.


"Stopping far right judges". Oh, now I think he was a good 47 year camper in DC! Did he stop any far left judges? Cmon, man!




Hmmm... speaking of VP accomplishments... let's list Pence's .... " February 2020, Pence was appointed chairman of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, which was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States." " On April 23, Pence said the pandemic would largely be behind the nation by Memorial Day, and in April, Pence disregarded Mayo Clinic policy and did not wear a mask while visiting patients in Minnesota, even after his office was informed about the policy." How's that going?? Oh.. then my favorite comment from Pence and Covid...."is a response the American people can be proud of." PB..right up your alley.. When he ran for Congress in 2020, Pence's campaign website called global warming a "myth,"

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