Stefanik easily outraising NY-21 rivals

U.S. Rep. Elise M. Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, speaks to supporters on election night 2020 at her victory party in Glens Falls. Christopher Lenney/Watertown Daily Times

WASHINGTON — Rep. Elise M. Stefanik on Tuesday introduced a bill that would limit Chinese government involvement in American universities, and added her name to another bill that would impose sanctions on any companies affiliated with or operated by the Chinese military.

It’s just the latest in a long line of anti-China actions taken by Rep. Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, who has said the country is “the key challenge of the 21st century” for the United States.

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Well done Elise. Thank You


On the matter of Confucius Institutes...

Here is the link to the most comprehensive study to date (Nov. 2020) on Confucius Institutes. The study altogether dispels Stefanik's views on the matter. The study notes that "CI's [Confucius Institutes] are in the crosshairs of politicians for whom populist, anti-intellectual and "America first" themes resonate with certain constituents." The study notes that ideology, not evidence, drives their points of view. According to the study, "CI's have become "collateral damage" in the course of deteriorating relations and geopolitical competition."

Trump>Pompeo>Stefanik and the like have incited a new Cold War, taking us back to McCarthyism. Wisely, Biden has put their fear-mongering, intrigue-perverted, agenda on hold. The way we deal with China must be reality-based.

The content of this Times article is alarming.


Compare Stefanik's fear-mongering, intrigue-perverted, and anti-intellectual McCarthyism-approach to China with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's proposal to "increase funding for the National Science Foundation by billions to increase research in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and the manufacturing of semiconductor chips to make the nation more economically competitive with China." The bill, Schumer said at his press conference last Tuesday, will "take the key cutting-edge industries and make American investments so we will outcompete China." We have nothing to gain from Stefanik's Cold War approach, and everything to lose. We have to prepare America to compete with, and surpass, China.


Glad to see you are protecting our intellectual property. I think president Joe Biden will be pleased for it is being reported he will keep the Trump trade sanctions which IMO he almost has to do. Get tough and stay tough where Chinese methods threaten our national security.


Good luck getting China Joe to sign on to would ruin Hunter’s side hustle.

hermit thrush

weird that she didn't propose any of this legislation when republicans had control of the government and could actually act on it.


Elise very correctly realizes that Communist China is our greatest adversary today. They are not a friendly manufacturing partner. They are our enemy. Now, if only the Democrats would cease the circular firing squad, we'd be able to see the enemy more clearly.

hermit thrush

everything people like you and elise say about china is fake. trump was incredibly acquiescent towards china and none of you care a lick.


Are these things really a problem? Let's take their money and not give them anything.

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