Cuomo blasts Trump as ‘tabloid cartoon’

President Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination on the South Lawn of the White House on Aug. 27, in Washington, D.C. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/TNS

A Norwegian lawmaker, best known for his far-right political beliefs and controversial immigration views, said Wednesday that he has nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in the Middle East.

This is Trump’s second nomination for the ultimate international honor — in this instance, for brokering an elusive peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. He was also given the nod in 2018 for his efforts to bring reconciliation between North and South Korea.

Any lawmaker serving in a national Norwegian legislature can nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump, who has long chafed at President Barack Obama’s international adulation, is trying to make political hay out of the Mideast peace breakthrough, which has also boosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he seeks to distract attention from his upcoming trial on corruption charges.

“It is now to hope that the Nobel Committee is able to consider what Trump has achieved internationally and that it does not stumble in established prejudice against the U.S. President,” Tybring-Gjedde said in a Facebook post.

However, he said he doesn’t agree with all of Trump’s policies.

“I am not a big Trump supporter,” he said.

Tribune Wire

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(3) comments


Burller, daily leftist, anyone, Bueller? The left will go nuts if he wins it...


He earned it, unlike the last president who just smiled and they gave it to him. What was his name? Obiden?


He's only nominated... reminder, so was Rush Limbaugh and Putin....

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