OSWEGO — Mayor Billy Barlow announced the completion of the Breitbeck Park Harbor Trail shoreline protection project, involving the re-design of shoreline property and placement of new, large rip-rap stone along with other material along the shoreline of Breitbeck Park and Lake Ontario.

The $1.7 million project, fully funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through an emergency declaration in 2017, will prevent future erosion and flood damage from high water levels along Lake Ontario, created by the International Joint Commission’s Plan 2014 implemented in 2017, leading to higher water levels throughout the Great Lakes.

Hannibal based W.D. Malone started construction on the project, designed by Vernon based Delta Engineers, in July after Mayor Barlow closed Harbor Trail to pedestrians because of safety concerns. The Oswego Fire Department coordinated and managed the project with FEMA while the Oswego Department of Public Works and city engineer Jeff Hinderliter assisted with the design and construction of the project.

“Our Harbor Trail shoreline reinforcement project is a $1.7 million investment to protect and preserve our shoreline from future high-water levels and erosion,” said Mayor Barlow. “In 2018, we significantly improved and beautified Breitbeck Park and Harbor Trail to bring people to our community and our waterfront. Our shoreline reinforcement project builds upon our improvements, further beautifying and developing our shoreline while, most importantly, protecting our shoreline from future damage for many, many years to come.”.

Chief of the Oswego Fire Department and Director of Emergency Management for the city of Oswego, Randy Griffin said, “Under Mayor Barlow’s leadership, the Oswego Fire Department and the City of Oswego are successfully re-building the protection Project shoreline and waterfront area along our community. The Breitbeck Park Harbor Trail Shoreline is designed and constructed to preserve our shoreline from erosion, protect our assets from future high water levels and flooding, and ensures the safety of our residents as they explore our waterfront area.”

In 2018, the city of Oswego made drastic improvements to Harbor Trail by adding seating and overlook areas along the trail, capitalizing on the waterfront property and Oswego’s world class sunsets. The $225,000 improvement project, partially funded using a state grant, eliminated overgrown brush and weeds to create a scenic and attractive walking trail while creating direct access to the water.

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