Buy a fresh and local Christmas tree this year

OSWEGO COUNTY - The holiday season is fast approaching, and Oswego County Christmas tree farmers are ready to help people find that perfect tree. Big or small, narrow or round, people can find a tree that is just right from one of the many local tree farms. Buying local not only supports Oswego County farm businesses, it also assures the people have the freshest tree possible. Fresh cut trees also smell better and keep their needles longer.

Buying a fresh and local Christmas tree is also a great bonding experience for families. Last year during the pandemic, many Christmas tree growers saw increased activity as families from across Oswego County were looking to get out of the house to do something fun. In many cases, the Christmas tree farmers saw brand new faces for the first time, especially young families. Faye Beckwith from Beckwith Family Christmas Tree Station in Hannibal, says it just right when she explains, “The experience of going to the farm to choose the perfect tree fosters family traditions and creates memories that last a lifetime.”

The following list of Christmas tree farms is provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County. For more information on these farms, including phone number, tree varieties sold and hours of operation, call CCE at 315.963.7286 to receive a copy of the Oswego County Christmas Tree Farm directory or go online to

Austin Tree Farm - 221 Baldwin Rd., Volney

Beckwith Family Christmas Tree Station - 189 Mill St., Hannibal

Chengerian’s Tree Land – 84 Merritt Rd., Fulton

Goodman’s Christmas Tree Farm – 38 Church Road, Phoenix

Grace Farms - 78 Gunther Rd., Central Square

Granger’s Christmas Tree Farm - 380 Tubbs Rd., Mexico

H & H Trees - 1430 County Route 28, Tinker Tavern Road exit, Pulaski

Hemlock Haven Tree Farm - 460 County Route 22A (Ellisburg St), Sandy Creek

Leonard’s Evergreens - 70 Dunham Rd., Hannibal

Molly Johns Farm - 4239 State Route 69, Mexico

Spring Pond Farm - 3439 U.S. Rte. 11, Mexico

Stargot Tree Farm - 280 Blythe Rd., Hannibal

Stoney Hill Acres - 1685 State Route 264, Phoenix

Three Seasons Farm - 429 Drybridge Rd., Mexico

Oswego County is a rural county, with a prosperous agricultural community. The diversity of land allows for the growth of a variety of agricultural products including onions, apples, meat, cheese, wine, maple syrup, honey, berries, plums, peaches, and a wide variety of vegetables. Within the county there are at least seven local farmers markets, with one open almost every day of the week during the season. The agricultural community in this county generates $41.2 million in annual revenue from 612 farms.

Contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oswego County office if people have any special needs. For more information, call 315-963-7286 or check us out at

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