Fulton announces Safe Exchange Zone Program

Safe exchange zone area located outside City Hall. Pictured from left: Officer Sheldon; Mayor Deana M. Michaels; Chris Waldron, city parks and recreation director; Deputy Police Chief Mike Curtis; and Officer Murphy.

FULTON — The Safe Exchange Zone Program will provide residents a safe location for private party transactions, including online purchases and for child custody transfers.

The city of Fulton Police has created an “Exchange Zone” outside the main entrance of the Municipal Building on the South First Street Side of the building. The designated zone and parking area will be under 24/7 video surveillance.

Using the exchange zone is meant to provide a safe alternative to meeting a stranger at an unfamiliar location. In the case of child custody transfers, the exchange zone is not a drop off where parents can leave children for a later pick-up time. All exchanges must be person-to-person.

Fulton Mayor Deana M. Michaels commented “It’s imperative that the City of Fulton offer a safe area for residents to make simple in-person transactions to lessen the likelihood that a person would get scammed or harmed during an exchange. This designated zone will provide peace of mind for those who choose to use it for exchanges outlined in the program.”

Exchange zone safety tips:

• City of Fulton Police personnel will not assist with transactions.

• The exchange zone is meant for person-to-person transactions only. Property may not be dropped off and left unattended.

• Sellers are required to take their property with them if the buyer does not show up.

• Only conduct transactions with local buyers/sellers.

• Do not go to a transaction alone.

• Make sure a friend or family member is aware of the details.

• Complete the transaction during daylight hours.

• Be extra cautious in buying/selling valuable items.

• Only use cash or money orders.

• Trust instincts; if it sounds like a scam it probably is a scam.

• If someone is not willing to come to the Fulton City Police Department to complete a sale, it is probably not a legitimate transaction.

While the city of Fulton Police personnel will not assist with handling of any transactions, it is a well trafficked area just outside the Police Department located at 141 S. First St., Fulton. (Near the main entrance, on the South First Street Side of the Municipal Building)

No appointments are necessary when using the exchange zone.

For larger items such as furniture or items that need to be picked up by a truck, it is recommended that people choose a well lit, public parking.

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