City of Oswego starts 2021 paving project

OSWEGO — Mayor Billy Barlow announced the start of the 2021 city of Oswego paving project, resulting in widespread construction and multiple detours throughout the city. The milling of city streets began May 3 and construction will last approximately three weeks. The $750,000 paving plan will pave several streets on both the east and west side of the city, along with the Water Street parking lot behind Canal Commons and a large section of East First Street included in the upcoming East First Street re-design project.

“We’ve worked hard to approve a paving plan and get the project underway as early in the season as possible. Our 2021 paving plan builds on our $4 million in paving in the last five years, addressing some of the bumpiest streets in the city,” said Mayor Barlow. I thank motorists and residents for their patience and cooperation in advance and look forward to the project being completed in short order,” Barlow said.

2021 paving plan includes:

East First Street (State Route 104 to end of public space)

East Sixth Street (East Schuyler Street to East Utica Street)

East Ninth Street (Church Street to Lawrence Street)

East 11th Street (East Cayuga Street to East Seneca Street)

East 12th Street (Mohawk Street to Albany Street)

Mercer Street (East Ninth Street to Mitchell Street)

Elm Street (Elm Street to end to Maple Street)

Elizabeth Street (Munn Street to O’Brien Glenway)

West Fifth Sreet (West Utica Street to West Erie Street)

West Sixth Street (West Utica Street to West Niagara Street)

West Seventh Street (State Route 104 to West Cayuga Street)

West First Street (West Cayuga to Lake Street)

Draper Street (State Route 104 to George Washington Blvd)

Ohio Street (West First Street to West Third Street)

Harborview Square Loop on Lake Street, West Second Street & Schuyler Street

Water Street Parking Lot behind Canal Commons

The City of Oswego Engineering Office and Department of Public Works will begin posting “no parking” signs along the construction route over the weekend and motorists should anticipate multiple detours throughout the next few weeks. Fulton-based Riccelli-Northern is the hired contractor for the paving project, managed by the city engineering department in coordination with the department of public works. For questions regarding detours or other concerns relating to the paving plan, call 315-342-8153.

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