“Find the Firebird 2020” in Phoenix and win $1,000

PHOENIX - As winter sets in, Central New Yorkers always look for ways to pass the frigid time, both inside and outside four walls. One new idea launched this season in Phoenix is a chance to “Find the Firebird 2020” and win $1,000! Brought forward by Phoenix Chorus and Drama Booster Club members, and with the help of the Schroeppel Historical Society for historical clues that may direct a winner, it’s a first annual mid-winter quest for friends and family alike, from Phoenix or the surrounding areas.

With the search to take place from Feb. 17 through Feb. 22, concurrent with winter break, clues for the Firebird find will be given out to participants through a pre-registration process, which began Dec. 16. Registration takes place at the Phoenix Public Library at a cost of $10 per person, and entrants must be age 18 or older to register. There is also a family registration for up to four at $20. Registrations will be accepted until Feb. 10.

Once pre-paid and registered, entrants will receive an information packet and badge. This packet will get things moving so participants can take a trip through time and explore Phoenix in the week long scavenger hunt. The badge indicates participation and should be carried during explorations. Children must be accompanied by registered adults with badges at all times. The first entrant to Find the Firebird that week will win $1,000.

In addition, local businesses have gotten involved, hoping to encourage this year’s search as just the first year of fun. Organizers hope that friends and family members will join in on the quest, put their heads and winter hearts together, and get out there to “Find the Firebird”. Any questions on registration or “Find the Firebird 2020” can be directed to phoenixchorusanddramaboosters@gmail.com.

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