Course begins in March for general class amateur (ham) radio license

FULTON - Fulton Amateur Radio Club had a busy 2019. The club regularly participates in public service activities where communications is required for safety and general information passing. Each year they provide communications for various events such as: Outrun Autism, Happy Valley Gravel Race, Harborfest Run and Tour de Loop, to name a few. This year is no exception. These events help to hone radio skills in case of emergency situations. Amateur radio operators have assisted in emergencies ranging from floods to hurricanes, fires to chemical spills and clearly none of these can be handled adequately without training and preparation. The Fulton club also trains through a field day event held each year on the last weekend in June. Field day is a simulated emergency situation where amateur operators must take the radios out in the field where there is no commercial power and make them operate to make contact with other groups across the country.

Radio Amateurs have a wealth of activities to choose from, whether it be participating in various communications locally or contacting fellow hams all over the United States and various countries overseas. A number of members participate in the Oswego County Emergency Civil Emergency Service (RACES), which assists the county with communications in time of disaster.

Fulton Amateur Radio Club held licensing classes during 2019. These are 10 week classes that culminate with a FCC test. The Fulton club has graduated four new technician licensees and two general upgrades in 2019.

Club meetings are a time when members can get together with other hams and exchange ideas, friendly conversation, and have a sense of comradely. For anyone interested in joining this hobby, they conduct licensing classes twice a year, spring and fall, with testing at the end of each class. They have a full staff of volunteer examiners ready to give exams so participants can obtain an FCC amateur radio license. The Fulton Club meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Oswego County Building in Fulton across from Mimi’s.

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