Fulton Block Builders Pride Grants used to enhance city

Fulton Block Leader David Phares was one of three Block Leaders that supported the holiday reindeer purchase through Fulton Block Builders Pride Grants.

FULTON - Neighborhood Pride Grants provide an opportunity for groups of neighbors to work together on a community project. Pride Grants between $100 and $3,000 are awarded for projects and activities that sow seeds of revitalization by engaging residents in the resurgence of their neighborhoods. Examples of successful grant projects include welcoming lamp lighting throughout a neighborhood, gateway signage greeting people to an area, and park adoptions.

Pride Grants require coordination with neighbors to improve the community as at least five neighborhood households must apply together for the grant. Pride Grants do not necessarily have to be tied to Fulton Block Builders’ other grants, but oftentimes, residents who got to know each other through a Block Challenge Grant apply for a Pride Grant to further enhance their community/neighborhood. This year, three groups came together with an interest in enhancing the holiday lighting in Veterans Park.

Block Leader David Phares and his neighbors Randy Bartlett, Nick Nesbit, Nancie and Ed Miller, Kelly Coffee, and Gail Henrie, along with Block Leader Greg Beasely and his neighbors Mark and Colleen Caza, Maynard and Ashley Williams, David and Carrol Fisher worked with Block co-leaders Kathy Smith and Cindy MacDougal and their neighbors Kathy Aluzzo, Andrea Cianfarano, Michelle Baker, Sue Fiorini, Rose LaFrate to use the FBB Pride Grant process to purchase two industrial grade reindeer for the park. The purchase of the reindeer did not require neighbors physically working together, but due to the price of the reindeer it did require more than one group to actively show their support of the purchase.

These three groups strongly supported FBB efforts with Pride Grants earmarked to help the city enhance the holiday decorations. For more information on Fulton Block Builders and Pride Grants, visit the website https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com

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