FULTON - The city of Fulton has announced a transformational project at Foster Park. In collaboration with Fulton Sunrise Rotary, the city helped provide data to support a grant submission by the local Rotarian group. The city received notice in mid August that the grant was awarded to Fulton Sunrise Rotary for the addition of handicap accessible features allowing all to enjoy the park.

Mayor Deana Michaels stated, “I am pleased and frankly excited to announce that a collaboration with Fulton Sunrise Rotary over the past several months has resulted in the club being awarded a significant grant to transform Foster Park. With this grant, the help of the city in-kind match and the support of Carpenters Local 277, we will see a nearly $20K transformational project bring access to all regardless of ability.”

The goal behind this project is to bring accessibility to all. The project includes ADA compliant parking spots, walkways to the pavilion and ballfields and a landing pad that will give ease of access to those in wheelchairs, walkers, strollers etc. Fulton Rotarian Linda Rossiter said, “Fulton Sunrise Rotary is proud to bring an ADA compliant walkway project to Foster Park. When a young mother noted that the grounds were not easy to navigate, we knew that connecting the parking lot, pavilion, and ballpark would be an excellent District Grant project for our club. This accessibility project will be an enhancement that will benefit all who use the park. We hope it is just the beginning of more full-accessibility projects in our city. We look forward to working with the city and the Carpenters Local 277 as this project moves forward.”

The Carpenters Local donated a flag post and flag and plan to clean and paint the pavilion and spruce up the park leading up to the project start date. Robert Wilmott with Carpenters Local 277 sais, “The North Atlantic States Regional Council Carpenters Local 277 members look forward to getting out into our community and partnering with Mayor Deana Michaels and the City of Fulton on their Fulton Forward Initiative.”

Future consideration for this park, in collaboration with Oswego Industries and other agencies, is to make Foster Park an inclusive park that can be enjoyed by all regards of ability.

The improvements will commence in mid September 2021 with an estimated completion in late fall.

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