Hometown Hero’s banner program

CENTRAL SQUARE — To honor local “Hometown Hero’s,” the Central Square Community Historical Society (CSCHS) in partnership with the Village of Central Square began a Hometown Hero’s banner program.

Two more orders are needed to make the minimum order requirements.

• Each individual banner is unique and honors a specific “Hometown Hero” who has served the country.

• The 30” by 60” vinyl banner, will include the name of the service person, their branch and era of service, along with a military photo.

• The banner is the same design on both sides.

• Hometown Hero banners will be displayed in Central Square along Fulton Ave. on approved poles as long as they are in good condition.

• The cost of each banner is $325, payable to CSCHS.

• Application, photo and payment is required in anticipation of first run. They need a minimum of five banners to place an order.

Make checks payable to Central Square Community Historical Society (CSCHS). Mail completed application form, labeled photo and payment to CSCHS c/o Village of Central Square PO Box 509, Central Square, NY 13036 Attn: Heather. For more information or questions contact Heather at dstevens@incpark.com

Digital photo can be sent to this email also. Send minimum size 1.6MB, if print 4x6-8x10. Photos mailed will be returned.

Email dstevens@incpark.com for banner order form.

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Connie Holberg

I believe the plural of hero is heroes...

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