Mayor Barlow announces speed reduction project on Syracuse Avenue

OSWEGO - Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow announced recently a project along Syracuse Avenue that will slow vehicles down and improve the surrounding 6th Ward neighborhood. Syracuse Avenue, on the east side of Oswego, connects to Route 481 coming into Oswego, and as a result, has historically seen vehicles speeding down the narrow neighborhood road. The city of Oswego intends to replicate a similar project they did in 2016 on West Seneca Street that has successfully slowed traffic and better managed traffic. The project will provide an outlined parking lines on both sides of Syracuse Avenue from State Route 481 to Church Street where parking is permitted, provides additional road markings to shorten crosswalks for pedestrian safety and will erect a permanent speed radar sign warning drivers of their speed as they enter the area.

“Syracuse Avenue runs through several residential neighborhoods and due to its location off of Route 481, sees vehicles of all sizes frequently speeding through these neighborhoods putting residents lives in danger and making the neighborhood a bit less desirable to homeowners,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “This project, as it did on West Seneca Street, will slow traffic, make the area much safer and will add value to the neighborhood,” Barlow said.

Sixth Ward Councilor Ron Tesoriero said the upcoming project is welcome news to the neighborhood as residents frequently voice concerns about the amount of traffic and the speed of vehicles on the street. “This safety project will calm traffic and reduce speeds in the area, undoubtedly making the neighborhood safer for our children, improving the quality of life to nearby residents, and raising the value of homes,” said Tesoriero. “I appreciate Mayor Barlow’s continued focus on the east side of Oswego and the 6th ward and look forward to having this project implemented and producing satisfactory results for our residents,” Tesoriero said.

The project will be fully completed and implemented by Harborfest, conducted by the Oswego Traffic Department.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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