Oswego’s water treatment plant to be upgraded

OSWEGO — Two issues of note were considered by the Common Council at its June 28 meeting. One, a waste water treatment plant, the other the cancellation of a contract with the operator of the city’s High Dam hydroelectric facility on W. First St. along the Oswego River.

The treatment plant, named the McCaffrey Water Treatment Plant, was the subject of a number of bids received for work to be done.

The largest of these was a $2,875,940 bid from John R. Dudley Construction.

Next was a $1,655,014 bid from Scriba Electric to provide electrical services for the plant.

That was followed by a bid of $169,650 from Crosby Brownlie, Inc. for HVAC services for the plant.

Next, the low bid for the plant’s plumbing from HMI Mechanical Systems was rejected by the council as HMI Mechanical Systems is not licensed in the city of Oswego. Instead, the council accepted the bid from licensed contractor J&A Mechanical Contractors for $84,779.

The second matter of note concerns the cancellation of the city’s contract with Brookfield Power of New York Hydro Services for the operation and maintenance of the city’s High Dam hydroelectric facility on the Oswego River.

City Engineer Jeffrey Hinderliter asked that the convenience clause with the agreement with Brookfield be exercised as he has experienced several issues with the way Brookfield has operated and maintained the facility. The clause allows the city to terminate its agreement with Brookfield upon 120 days written notice.

Hinderliter requested the authorization to hire a third party to maintain the facility, with operations being handled by the city engineer’s staff and other city employees, and to arrange for necessary repairs to be undertaken during scheduled shutdowns of the facility.

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