Weatherup urges Oswego County residents to participate in broadband internet survey

OSWEGO — The following resolutions of interest were passed June 10 by the county legislature.

Approved by the Public Safety Committee:

Resolution PS-1:

The Sheriff’s Office requests permission to accept funds from Oswego City School District and to provide two Special Patrol Officers at two Oswego City Schools.

The Sheriff’s Department requests permission to receive revenue in the amount of $55, 071.80 from Oswego City

School District to fund two additional Special Patrol Officers (SPO) Positions. The revenue will be distributed within the Sheriffs Office budget line items to create two additional SPO’s positions and startup expenses.

Oswego City School District will fund $55,071.80 (for the Fall 2021 school year) for the two full-time SPO positions. This request covers all expenses (wages, training, uniforms, weapons etc.) as per an MOU Memorandum of Understanding) between the Sheriffs Office and the School District.

Resolution PS-2:

The Oswego County Sheriff’s Office requests permission to transfer $420,000 from Unappropriated Fund Balance into expenditure Line A3110545500 (Other Supplies and Expense).

Review and consideration is requested for a budget modification to reflect a transfer of $420,000 from the Unappropriated Funds Balance into expenditure Line A3110545500 to cover the cost of purchasing Body Worn cameras. This purchase is needed to fill a requirement which is the result of NYS 2021 Police Reform. The implementation of body-worn cameras will be used to support criminal and civil investigations, collect evidence, and document interactions between deputies and the public.

Approved by the Infrastructure, Facilities & Technology Committee:

Resolution IT-4:

Authorizes the expenditure of $963,227 from the Unappropriated Fund Balance for the purchase of County Highway Dept. equipment, that being:

two tractors at $151,759 apiece, one mower tractor at $$103,000 one snow plow at $168,715 two 10-wheelers at $153,497 apiece and one 50T lowbed at $81,000.

Resolutions IT-5 and IT-6:

According to Mark Powell, the director of the county’s Solid Waste Programs, “a fire erupted on the dump floor of the ERF” (the county’s Energy Recovery Facility at 2801 State Route 481, Fulton) on July 6, 2020 causing “considerable damage to plant fixtures as well as smoke and water damage throughout the entire office building. The restoration company SERVPRO has estimated the cost to clean the smoke damage to the high bay ceiling at $157,345. This work will commence during the annual shutdown in September.

“I am therefore requesting a budget modification to transfer $160,000 from Solid Waste Unappropriated Fund Balance into Repairs – Building & Property, project EFIRE to cover the costs of the building restoration.

“These expenses will be reimbursed to the Solid Waste Unappropriated Fund Balance from the Insurance Recovery Fund once payment is received from the insurance company.”

On the same day, Powell, in a memorandum as part of Resolution IT-6, stated:

“The Dept. of Solid Waste has recovered $439,183.20 from the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal to repair the damages caused by the fire on July 6, 2020 at the Energy Recovery Facility.

“The department is requesting to transfer these funds from the Insurance Recovery Fund A1325.426800 to CL8161.450310 Energy Recovery Facility Interfund Transfer as the funds to perform the building repairs initially came from the Solid Waste Unappropriated Fund Balance.”

Approved by the Economic Development & Planning Committee:

Resolution EP-4:

This resolution, passed by the full legislature Thursday, June 10, authorizes the use of $254,000 in ARPA (the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021) grant funds for the development and implementation of a restaurant recovery program.

The resolution states: “The food service industry has been identified as one that suffered greatly during the pandemic. We have proposed a project that will subsidize (50%) gift certificates that can be used at participating food service establishments in Oswego County. We plan to issue vouchers that will be matched by consumer funds generating $500,000 of activity in county-based activities. This authorization includes $250,000 for vouchers and a small amount for software and administrative expenses.

“The total fiscal impact is $254,000 from ARPA grant funds.”

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