19 Oswego County projects receiving REDI money

Debra J. Groom/Oswego County NewsFlooding at Wright’s Landing in Oswego in 2019.

OSWEGO COUNTY - A total of 19 Oswego County projects are receiving state money through Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI).

The projects were reviewed at a meeting of the Cayuga and Oswego REDI Region Planning Committee, which includes local elected officials and other stakeholders. Earlier, some of the larger projects were announced by the state. Now, all the projects receiving money are being announced.

Those is Oswego County are:

n $300,000 for the Port Authority Marina East to stabilize shoreline.

n $1.8 million install new sheet pile and protect the Port Authority Boating Center, the Goble Dry Dock and Ship Yard.

n $70,000 to repair dock near the Lehigh Cement facility also in Oswego.

n $40,000 to install floating dock kits and make infrastructure improvements to the Port Authority Marina.

n $100,000 to repair existing shoreline stabilization at the Port Authority West Pier.

n $6.1 million improve the flood resiliency of the Wright’s Landing Marina also in Oswego.

n $6.5 million International Pier Project to install new water infrastructure.

n $600,000 North Sandy Pond Resiliency Project in the town of Sandy Creek.

n $480,000 to make Mexico Point Park more resilient to high water.

n $4.8 million to extend sanitary sewer to homes and businesses on County Route 89.

n $400,000 to stabilize the resiliency of the Sithe Trail in the town of Scriba.

n $200,000 to install new sanitary sewers in Sandy Creek.

n $400,000 to mitigate stormwater with the West Lake Road Outfall to Lake Ontario project.

n $500,000 to address floodwater damage on County Route 5/Lake Street.

n $500,000 to improve the resiliency of Camp Hollis in Oswego.

n $480,000 to study and mitigate high water on Joe Fultz Boulevard in the town of Scriba.

n $200,000 to elevate Lake Shore Road at Snake Swamp in Oswego.

n $430,000 to repair and elevate County Route 89.

n $4 million to replace the YMCA bridge leading to the State Park at Sandy Island Beach on Ford Drive in the town of Sandy Creek.

Earlier, the International Pier, Wright’s Landing, County Route 89, Camp Hollis and Joe Fultz Boulevard projects were announced.

Five REDI regions, comprised of eight counties (Niagara and Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego, and Jefferson and St. Lawrence) were established to identify local priorities, at-risk infrastructure and other assets and public safety concerns. The REDI Commission allocated $20 million for homeowner assistance, $30 million to improve the resiliency of businesses, and $15 million toward a regional dredging effort that will benefit each of the eight counties. The remaining balance, $235 million, has been allocated toward local and regional projects that advance and exemplify the REDI mission.

Through REDI, the state has committed up to $300 million to rebuild the shoreline, as well as improve resiliency in flood-prone regions along Lake Ontario.

The REDI Commission held an implementation conference in Albany Nov. 20 to provide REDI money recipients with information about project implementation, including permitting and environmental reviews, as well as an opportunity to meet with relevant state agencies to ensure REDI projects are implemented as soon as possible.

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