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The following is a statement issued Thursday evening, Aug. 13, by Oswego County Sheriff Don R. Hilton:

“On August 2, 2020, the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department marine patrol was providing security on Oneida Lake during a Trump Flotilla event. It is standard practice for our marine patrol to be on duty every weekend throughout the summer and to provide security for all on-the-water events. In this instance, I was on the marine patrol boat with our Deputies. During the event, a participant handed us a flag, and I allowed it to be flown from the patrol boat during the event. As I have previously stated, I did this to show support for the event participants and for our President, who has supported law enforcement at a time when many groups are unjustly vilifying our profession. To do so was my decision only, not my deputies’, and I take full and sole responsibility for it.

After the event, Oswego County Chairman Weatherup reminded me that County policy prohibits the display of altered US Flags on County property. I understand that policy. Today I met with all members of the Oswego County Legislature and assured them it will not happen again. I have received many letters of both support and criticism. While I stand by my personal beliefs, I do regret that some people, veterans in particular, were uncomfortable with the display of an altered American flag. There was no disrespect intended.

Nevertheless, writing now not as Sheriff, but as an American citizen who has proudly spent his career serving the public as a law enforcement officer, this incident has inspired me to be even more vocal about the unjust and hypocritical criticism of police by anti-democracy groups and certain politicians who pander to them. I will do so on my own time, on my own dime… and as loudly as I can!

I respect the right of people to have a critical opinion of what I did – this is America after all, and freedom of speech is part of what the flag stands for. But let’s keep a clear-headed perspective here: I flew a political flag on taxpayers’ property, yet many of the people criticizing me for that also defend rioters who destroy taxpayers’ property! Is it a sign of people thinking reasonably when they support policies that excuse and set free those who commit criminal acts of violence and assault, while at the same time call for the termination of me and my Deputies simply for flying a flag? It is not.

I am proud of each and every one of my Deputies and Officers, and of the service and sacrifices they make every day to keep the public safe. I honor and respect all the men and women of law enforcement I have served alongside over the past three decades. I am proud of my career serving the public. And I remain dedicated to continuing to impartially enforce the law, keep our communities safe. That will never change.”

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

yet many of the people criticizing me for that also defend rioters who destroy taxpayers’ property!

who has been defending rioters?


Let's start with every Democrat mayor in the US who held the police back or abandoned precincts, Democrat politicians who "reform" bail laws, lawmakers and media scum who pretend that violence in the streets is "mostly peaceful" protesting ... There that wasn't too hard. If you agree with any of the things I just listed, perhaps we could say you are defending rioters.

hermit thrush

i have said it before and i will say it again. you are part of a deeply stupid political movement. none of those things constitutes defending rioters. words have meanings. one of the great challenges one finds in communicating with conservatives is that they so often fail to respect words' meanings, which makes the clear exchange of information impossible. your thinking has be so sloppy and corrupt to equate changing a bail law with defending rioters.

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