City of Oswego earns Clean Energy Community Designation for commitment to cut costs and reduce energy consumption

OSWEGO — Mayor Billy Barlow announced the city of Oswego has been designated a Clean Energy Community by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority recognizing its leadership in reducing energy use, cutting costs and driving clean energy locally.

Announced by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in January, the second phase of the Clean Energy Communities initiative, the $17 million CEC Leadership Round supports and recognizes local government leaders across the state by providing grants to eligible municipalities to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development projects in their communities. Achievements by Clean Energy Communities help support Gov. Cuomo’s nation-leading climate and clean energy goals as outlined under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

“Earning a Clean Energy Community designation is an important step for the city of Oswego’s future,” said Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow. “As clean, renewable energy sources become the clear way of the future, it is only right for Oswego to quickly pursue clean energy initiatives and do our part to promote and practice clean energy techniques that protect our environment and position Oswego for long term, future success,” Barlow said.

The city of Oswego received the designation for completing four high-impact clean energy actions identified by NYSERDA as part of the Clean Energy Communities initiative. The city of Oswego has completed the following high-impact actions:

— Annual city property energy benchmarking and publication

— Oswego Department of Code Enforcement trained in energy code

— Enacted PACE Financing Legislation for private, clean energy projects

— Approved the Unified Solar Permit

In addition to the specific high-impact actions, under Mayor Barlow’s leadership, city government has installed an electric car charging station, incorporated LED lighting in several city buildings and is in the midst of entering a performance energy contract project with the New York State Power Authority to continue incorporating energy efficiencies into municipal buildings and projects.

Doreen M. Harris, Acting President and CEO, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, said, “The City of Oswego’s efforts to scale up renewable energy resources and improve energy efficiency measures will deliver meaningful results for its residents and businesses and we commend them on their commitment to lead by example. The city’s investments are helping to lower harmful emissions, fighting the effects of climate change and providing a pathway for a cleaner, greener and more resilient community for generations to come.”

Communities that complete at least four NYSERDA-identified high-impact actions are designated Clean Energy Communities and are eligible for a Designation Grant of $5,000. This grant is just one of the many exciting grant opportunities offered through the Clean Energy Communities Leadership Round. Other grant opportunities include action grants of up to $50,000 for adopting the NYStretch Energy Code or $60,000 for undertaking one or more clean energy Community Campaigns; a point-based grant system where communities become eligible for larger grant amounts; and grants wherea New York State Disadvantaged Community may be eligible for an additional $10,000 bonus grant on a grant of $20,000 or more.

Eligible city, town, village, and county governments may apply for grants on a rolling basis, until Dec. 31, 2025 or until funds are exhausted. Funds are being provided through the Clean Energy Fund and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Clean Energy Community Coordinators are available at no charge to help communities develop and prioritize clean energy goals, access easy-to-use resources such as guidance documents and case studies and take advantage of available funding and technical assistance opportunities.

For more information on Clean Energy Communities, visit

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