Mayor Barlow announces completion and opening of new Lakeside Park

Pictured are members of the Oswego DPW who worked on the project, Councilor Rob Corradino, 2nd Ward Councilor Shawn Burridge, Mayor Barlow, Senator Ritchie, and DPW Commissioner Tom Kells. Provided photo

OSWEGO — Mayor Billy Barlow announced the completion and opening of the new Lakeside Park, located on the shore of Lake Ontario at the end of East 10 ½ Street in Oswego. The site was previously a dead-end road leading to a gravel driveway. Now, through a $100,000 grant provided by New York State Senator Patty Ritchie, the area is paved, consisting of a new volleyball court, pavilion area, benches, picnic tables, a small kayak launch and other small attractions and amenities.

“With the new Lakeside Park, the city of Oswego has taken a gravel lot and transformed it into something that can be used by children, families and individuals for many years to come,” said Senator Patty Ritchie. “I’m pleased to support this project, and thank Mayor Barlow and his colleagues, along with City staff for their efforts to make it possible.”

“Our new Lakeside Park makes wonderful use of our limited east side waterfront space and successfully converts an underutilized gravel driveway into a flexible, beautiful, welcoming public area,” said Mayor Barlow. “We’re continuing to create more public amenities and attractions throughout the Oswego community and Lakeside Park is the first of many projects to come as we transform our waterfront. I’d like to thank Senator Patty Ritchie for providing the funding to allow us to do this project and look forward to doing more similar projects in the future,” Barlow said.

2nd Ward Councilor Shawn Burridge said Lakeside Park was a wonderful new addition the 2nd ward and Oswego’s east side, saying, “the creation of Lakeside Park is a huge win for the second ward and the east side of the city. Our new park gives the public easy access to the water and creates a great new place for east side residents to go to check out the water, watch the sunset and have a good time.”

The construction of the park was completed in house by the city of Oswego DPW. DPW Commissioner Tom Kells said, “The employees of the DPW did a great job constructing the new park and we are all proud of the final product. The new park is a great new area in the city of Oswego and the DPW is happy to assist with making this project a reality.”

The city started construction in mid-June. The city says there are plans to light the area and bring an electrical service into the park that will be completed in the near future.

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