Submitted photoOswego Mayor William Barlow Jr., left, and the city’s Economic Development Director Justin Rudgick look over some paperwork for the Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative projects in Oswego and Cayuga counties.

The city of Oswego is offering help to towns and villages in Oswego and Cayuga counties on the administration and implementation of Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) projects recently announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Communities have until Dec. 9 to accept the offer from the city of Oswego.

The $300 million REDI program was announced earlier this year by Cuomo to assist municipalities along Lake Ontario who suffered damage from high water levels and flooding associated with the International Joint Commission’s Plan 2014.

Oswego and Cayuga counties are receiving $43 million for 31 REDI projects. Now, local municipalities must administer the grant money received and some elected officials of smaller municipalities have expressed concern over the work involved in grant administration and the lack of staff and resources required to properly administer the process.

As a result, Mayor William Barlow Jr. is offering assistance through the Oswego Economic Development office, led by Justin Rudgick, through an inter-municipal agreement for any municipal in the Oswego/Cayuga REDI region who may need assistance. The agreement would allow for the city of Oswego to complete any or all paperwork and permitting work for REDI projects, administer the implementation process on behalf of the municipality, if they need assistance.

The city would charge a fee of about 1 percent of the total grant per project for the assistance -- capped at $25,000.

The city would not make decisions on behalf of the municipality regarding the projects, but would simply submit information, complete documentation, navigate the permitting process and prepare the projects for construction after consultation with the awarded municipality.

If a municipality wishes to enter into an agreement with the city of Oswego, the fee paid to the city would count towards the municipalities 5 percent local match required for REDI money.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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