Oswego Waterfront Commission established; former mayor appointed chairman

Pictured are Mayor William Barlow and former Oswego Mayor John T. Sullivan Jr. who Mayor Barlow appointed as chairman of the Oswego Waterfront Commission.

OSWEGO - Mayor Billy Barlow announced he has established the Oswego Waterfront Commission tasked with prioritizing Oswego’s upcoming waterfront plans, reviewing all proposed projects, seek public input and provide recommendations on future waterfront projects and developments. The nine-member commission will be chaired by former Oswego Mayor John T. Sullivan Jr. and will consist of other stakeholders regularly involved in activities and events along Oswego’s waterfront.

“Oswego’s waterfront is in the midst of a transformation because of our recent improvements around Breitbeck Park and our upcoming Wright Landing Marina and International Pier improvement projects. Simultaneously, we have the challenges of upcoming construction projects, rising water levels from Lake Ontario and the associated flooding, and other projects and activities happening along our lakefront,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “We are finally making progress and conducting tangible projects along our waterfront, following a realistic plan, and this commission will ensure our projects stay on track and our vision becomes a reality in the very near future while taking all relevant stakeholders into consideration.”

Chairman and former Mayor John T. Sullivan Jr. said “I am delighted to have been invited by Mayor Barlow to serve on his citizens’ commission on waterfront redevelopment, and look forward to serving to solidify support for a forward looking and consistent approach to the revitalization of our waterfront, which has been a key priority of Mayor Barlow’s stewardship of our city.”

The city of Oswego director of economic development and designated ex-officio member Justin Rudgick said the commission will be helpful moving forward as Oswego’s waterfront undergoes a drastic transformation. “Mayor Barlow places a high premium on public opinion and transparency. With all the great projects moving forward in Oswego, the commission will review the projects, ensure they’re an appropriate use of space and provide the public with updates and information.”

The commission will be providing feedback, input and host public hearings as projects are being developed. The commission will provide an initial written report regarding the impact of upcoming projects and other waterfront areas under review to city government by the end of the year to continue the development of the Oswego waterfront beyond the already scheduled projects.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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